quick and selfish shirt

I’ve been longing for a quick project lately. It seems like all my crafting time is devoted to things not for myself (like my senior collection), or projects that are intricate and time-consuming (my Bayview Street cardigan). I’ve been spending lots of time on these projects, but nothing is done yet!

Enter a quickly made, and very selfishly made shirt:

I took a couple of hours out of my schedule today (very convenient that I’m on my third snow-day, what with the “snowpocalypse” going on here in Chicago!), and whipped this up. In between all the meticulously made things I’m working on, it was delightful to have something I could finish and wear the same day.

I feel a little bit like Minnie Mouse with my velvet bow-tie bow-belt.

I’ll admit I sacrificed some quality on this shirt…. The fabric is a cotton (voile? lawn? batiste? I don’t know how to tell them apart, so it will remain a mystery) from my stash, and I didn’t wash the fabric before cutting and sewing, which means it’s a little stiff still. The side seams are unfinished (don’t tell anyone!). I simplified a pattern I drafted a while back, and in the process I forgot that I have hips! I drew a straight line down from the armhole, and now the shirt is doing that thing around the pant-waist, pooling because it simply isn’t wide enough to fall any further down! Oh well, I satisfied my need for instant gratification.

Now I’m going back to watching the snow-blowing happening outside my window, while eating some potato-fennel-spring-onion-soup. Very blizzard-appropriate.

8 thoughts on “quick and selfish shirt”

  1. No problem! And thanks for recommending my patterns on Elise’s blog, that was awesome of you to mention me!
    Batiste, lawn, voile: I love all three – especially Liberty cotton lawns! Or silk/cotton voiles. Perhaps I just love fabric of all kinds :)
    …anyways, have a good night!

    1. Haha! That’s the sign of an addict… “I like them all!”. And of course I would mention you – you’re a real, solid, independent patternmaker. You’ve earned your spot on lists like those! ;)

    1. Oh, thanks for the link! I’m leaning towards batiste through the description, and definitely not lawn, which sounds very soft and drapey (and now I want to go play in a country full of cottons!) Voile and and lawn both sound like they would make the *best* summer dresses.

      Anyways, thanks!

  2. Oh, thank you Tasia! I actually tried on the shirt with a highwaisted skirt, decided it looked nice, and that I had lots of outfits/pictures with highwaisted skirts, and wondered if I could make it work with pants. Haha! Oh, the thought-processes behind photos… I’ll definitely wear it with skirts, and thanks for keeping an eye out for that blog-post!

  3. Pretty! Love the colour. It would look great tucked into a skirt too, and it would hide the waist-hip pooling issue.
    I remember reading a blog post ages ago, all about the difference between voile, lawn, batiste.. if I find it, I’ll pass it on!

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