little things

I’m hard at work on my senior collection, which explains the silence around here lately – I’ve simply been at my sewing machine all the time!

Sometimes however, it’s nice, and necessary, to do something else. Something just for me – something simple. It’s the little things like soft cotton handkerchiefs in a bold, but sweet, flower print from my stash-pile.

Handkerchiefs hold a place in my childhood memories – my mom pulling them out of her purse to wipe chocolate and ice cream of my face; of burying my head into a pile of hot, freshly tumble-dried towels and handkerchiefs; of being allowed to iron and fold the cotton squares (which I’m sure was more so something to occupy me with, than me being helpful!).

I guess handkerchiefs aren’t all that fashionable anymore – even frowned upon as unsanitary. I’m not in that camp, so I will unfashionably keep these on hand and enjoy their utter simpleness.

(Made roughly following this tutorial by Tasia)

2 thoughts on “little things”

  1. Okay – napkins and handkerchiefs are very different! I made a bunch of hankies last year and I’d love to make some more, but it’s hard to find the fabric for them. At least for my sensitive nose, you can’t just use any old cotton fabric. You need something softer on the nose. (Or am I really just too sensitve?) What do you suggest? Is there a particular type of fabric or threadcount or some process to put the fabric through to make it less rough on the nose?

    1. Ooo, very good question! I can’t say I’m an expert, but the fabric I’m using is more in the voile/lawn/batiste family – so softer, thinnner, and more sheer than say, quilting weight cotton. I know linens are supposed to get better as you wash them, but they always feel just a little too stiff and harsh for me to want to put that on my face! Other than that, I assume the cotton will soften up as they get washed, especially since there is often sizing (“glue”) in the fabric when you buy it at the store, so that it holds it’s shape during production. This is a really good reason for washing fabric before use – it icks me out a little to think of what is in the fabric straight from the factory! It comes to mind that but cotton flannel could be a very soft, gentle fabric for more the more delicate skin! (I’ve used flannel pads in place of cotton balls for removing make-up, and that’s always seemed gentle enough for my skin).

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