lace vs. lace

My sewing and knitting work has been fairly one-tracked lately: the collection. I even had to postpone several projects while the needles were in use elsewhere! Now that I am finished with the lace top I’ve been working intensely on for the past month, I can return the needles and attention to my other lacy work, the Elvish leaves scarf (ravelry link).

It might be a bit hard to get a good perspective with these close up pictures, but I was so surprised to find that the scarf project I left as the softest, cushiest, laciest, and most delicate project in my collection of projects, was none of these when I returned to it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still soft, using a thin lace-weight yarn, and lovely and drapey – but in comparison to the impossibly thin Malabrigo lace yarn I’ve been using for my pale pink top, the scarf feels dense, firm, and sturdy.

So at the start of this rainy weekend – just a little observation, a project in the works I wanted to show of, a finished project I am looking forward to showing off really soon, and a couple of pretty pictures.

2 thoughts on “lace vs. lace”

  1. Hei kjære B!
    Hvordan går det med kolleksjonen? Jeg er veldig spent på å se det ferdig resultatet – masse lykke til med innspurten! Og så gleder jeg meg masse til dere begge er på plass i Norge igjen!


    1. Hei!
      Det går ganske bra – tenker det blir bilder her snart! Og i lige så – koppene dine var fine! (og morsomme, og nostagliske, og underfundige) Gleder meg jeg også til å komme hjem igjen, etter en roadtrip og graduation vel og merke! Lykke til til deg også kjære Petch!

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