a new cover for the chair

I got my hands on a sewing machine, and this is what I made!

I have tons of stuff in progress; already made, about to be finished, tutorials, some patterns… but I’ve also wrapped up a BFA and graduated, so time to sort through pictures and projects and write posts has been really limited lately, at best. However! When I get to borrow my super-lovely neighbours sewing machine while mine is in deep pre-cross-Atlantic-move-storage, I certainly have to work on some projects, and this is one that required minimal time and effort.

I recovered the seat, oh, something like two years ago, but possibly scarred by the trauma of the downstairs (chough-crazy-chough) neighbour in my past apartment pounding on the ceiling while I was recovering it, it has just sat unfinished ever since.

This is what it looked like before, by the way:

I finally got around to drape the rest of the pieces on there, mark and cut, and stitch it up quickly. The fabric covering the seat is staple-gunned on top of the previous cover, and the back-rest is a slipcover with the underside just whipstitched in place.

I think with the light-colored fabric, it would have been fun to stain or paint the woodwork a dramatic, dark color. I never got around to it – perhaps whoever has it next will!

It’s so satisfying to get stuff out of the to-do pile, even if it’s just in time to sell it before we move!