I really did not plan to add to my fabric  stash this summer.

For reasons that are part of life – yet still bittersweet, two ladies (both wonderful, wonderful seamstresses) that we have visited on this roadtrip of ours have let me choose some fabric from their impressive and lovely stashes. They were unfortunately both at a point where they were not going to be using their fabrics anymore, and wanted to give it to someone who would appreciate and enjoy them. All in all, I’ve gained a double-knit, wool Liberty print, some wool crepes in fuchsia and black, and a subtle dark grey wool pinstripe to use for a blazer, with a jacquard cream silk lining fabric to go with it.

They are beautiful fabrics, and I am honored that these ladies gave them to me. At the same time, it makes me all the more determined to do justice to them and their skills and make something really well-made and lovely out of them!

I’ve also treated myself to a couple of things! I eyed this shirtdress pattern from lisette when it first came out; not only is it a basic pattern for a style I absolutely love (that would be the shirtdress-addiction kicking in), but it’s also from the woman behind oliver+s.  How can that possibly be bad? And when I went to pay for the pattern, it was even on sale!

The book in the background is an introductory book on canning. I was totally swayed by the pretty pictures (I always am), but it does seem like a good, basic place to start. I’m sure soulemama is partly to blame for my desires to grow and put up my own food, but that’s not a bad thing! I can’t wait to give the recipes a spin – I’ll share my attempts here when I get around to trying!

As a bit of a side-note, there has been less making this summer than what I anticipated. It turns out that there is too many interesting and beautiful things to see and do on the road – no time for knitting! I still have a bit of a backlog of things I want to share, but internet-time has been limited. I’m working on it though!


2 thoughts on “things”

  1. Oooh, I’ve got that Lisette pattern too! Can’t wait to try it out, but as you say, too many interesting and beautiful things over here too! I haven’t had much time for making. It’s funny when I bring my knitting on a road/train trip and don’t even touch it! That’s when you know you’re on a great journey.

  2. Lucky Girl !!!!
    I’m trying to stay away from fabric purchases till I deplete my stash a little anyway! But it’s impossible to resist something beautiful especially when its free or close to it.
    Good luck with your canning – I’ve always wanted to try it too.

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