Knitting abbreviations: free download

I was rummaging through my computer, trying to tidy up the mess that inevitably happens, and I came across something I meant to share a long time ago, which is some handy downloads with knitting abbreviations!

Just a pretty picture of Shelter – a pretty yarn.

Last Christmas (and thank you Wham, for getting that song stuck in my head – as always) I put together a gift for a friend who was just getting into knitting, and I thought a card with common knitting abbreviations would be helpful.

Every time I knit, I’m always googling what different abbreviations mean in the pattern I’m working on. Ever wanted a page or a card with the most common ones right in one place? Now you can! I made them in three different sizes; 4×6, 5×7, and Letter sized. The two smaller ones are two-sided, so that both sides of a card can be used effectively! The pdf-links are below – I hope it proves helpful!

Knitting abbreviations – 4×6
Knittng abbreviations – 5×7
Knitting abbreviations – Letter

While I have put the abbreviations in a handy format, I have relied on the following links for the abbreviations and definitions themselves; Craft Yarn Council,, and


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