back in Bergen

“Bergen” via silje/vanilje on flickr

I just wanted to share that I’ve finally made it to Bergen, my new home! I studied here for three years before I moved to Chicago, and it has always been a favorite for me – and I’m noticing that it really makes a difference to move to a place that I already know a bit; to know where the grocery stores are, where the busses leave from, or how to get from one place to another! After a summer on the road, full of adventures and visits and summer-ness, it is nice to now have arrived, so to speak. It will still be a bit hectic for a while, as we look for a place to live, run errands of all kinds, and find jobs. I might be quiet for a bit.

In the meanwhile, I am absolutely loving walking around this town with its narrow “smau”, its cobblestones, its centuries old wooden houses, its hills, and its unescapable charm.


4 thoughts on “back in Bergen”

  1. Ååååh, du bor i Bergen! Lucky girl! It’s such a beautiful city!
    My brother lives in Mannsverk, in the outskirts of Bergen. I’ve visited three times, not for very long each time and this summer we spent most of the time in Austevoll (a group of islands west of Bergen) so I didn’t see very much of the city, but I’m still beginning to feel a bit at home there.
    Did you know that the artwork at that little square that’s near that other little square right at the end of the harbour next to Bryggen is made by former A-ha-member Magne Furuset (not quite sure about his surname)? It’s blue, a part of it is a blue line of tiles in the ground.
    That was a big WOW to me, since I was a HUGE A-ha fan when I was a kid :-)
    Sorry I don’t know the names of the streets/squares…
    Oh, if you ever find out (or if you already know maybe) what the strange inscriptions in the wood of some of the old buildings at Bryggen are, I’d love to know. They look kind of like Viking-letters, but they’re from the 1800’s so it’s probably not. Made me VERY curious!
    I wanna live in Bergen too… ;-)!

    1. Hei Karin! I know… I just adore this city! After 3 years in Chicago, it was at the top of my list of where I wanted to move – by far! Both the city, and the surrounding areas are just so lovely. Oh, and I know exactly where the ceramic artwork is – I love it! It makes flute-sounds when the wind blows! I haven’t actually seen the inscriptions at Brygge – sounds like an excellent outing for a day, to go exploring in the alleys behind those old buildings…?!

      Let me know next time you’re in Bergen (or move here! ;) )- if you have time we should drink tea and go fabric shopping!

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