summer knitting

Well, I think we’re a little bit past summer, but I also seem to be a little behind! Right now I’m working on sewing costumes for a show in Haugesund, which means long days of working and unfortunately, not being able to share any of it! For the time being at least – I can’t wait to show it after the premiere later in October. Until then, hush hush!

But I do want to show what I was working on this summer!

Before I took off on my cross-country and back road trip at the beginning of June, I had grand plans for all the knitting I was going to get done. After all, 9000 miles and countless hours in a car – surely that is prime knitting-time? Um, no. Between taking in the views, reading maps, and just being there, the knitting definitely took a back-seat (ah, no pun intended… though I had a totebag of yarn, patterns, and needles in a designated spot in the back-seat! Nestled in between a pair of hiking shoes, and two bikes).

I didn’t actually finish anything until arriving back in Norway, but I finally have something to show of my road-trip knitting!

From New Mexico to Maine

I found out right before I left that a dear teacher and friend is having her first baby this fall, and I immediately thought of what I could make her. The yellow yarn was left-over from my Bayview Street cardigan, and the light grey is from the Émilien I made for my dad. I think the graphic stripes will suit her well – she’s really bold and fun and quirky. I made up the pattern with a top-down, raglan increase method, and just knit until it looked right. I don’t know the first thing about baby sizes, so I do hope it will fit!

From Maine to Norway

I got to meet one of the youngest in my boyfriends family this summer, a little 1 and a half-year old. She is just adorable, and I’d been eyeing the “Little sister’s dress” on ravelry for a while, so it was time to make it! The construction is quite simple, but so effectful! And since it works as a dress, or a tunic/top, it has a bit longer of a life-span, which is nice.

From Chicago to…..

And finally… The February Fitted Sweater. I’ve attempted several different projects with this Sisu yarn, and I think this is the right way to go. I started it almost a year ago (!), and after it took a long break while I was working on my collection knits, I was convinced I would finish it during our road-trip. I think it got a total of 3 hours of attention (2 of which spent knitting something I had to undo), and it’s really not gotten further at all. It needs a little more attention than a scarf or a small baby-sweater, since it has shaping and sleeves and different things going on. Maybe by Christmas I’ll have it done! I will be moving into an apartment with a woodstove in a couple of weeks, how cozy does that sound? A deep chair by a roaring fire, a cup of tea, and some knitting!


2 thoughts on “summer knitting”

  1. Ah! I think I know who that striped cardigan is for, and if so I agree it will be a hit!! I’m glad to see that you’ve also laid out your fall sewing plans, finally we will do some sewing for ourselves…so rare, so sad. Bergen looks so beautiful, can’t wait to see more of what you’re up to now!

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