elvish leaves scarf

It’s October, it’s fall, and I’m wearing my cardigan backwards so you can see my Elvish leaves scarf all nice and clear! (Oh, and check out my new glasses from Warby Parker! I got two pairs – I have a wardrobe of glasses now! Ha!)

I actually finished this a while ago, but it was still summer, and a lacey mohair-blend scarf in a muted blue didn’t seem very summery. So I held on to it until now, when it feels more appropriate!

 The pattern I used is my own concoction, but the lace pattern is not. I first saw it in the Elvish dish cloth pattern, and after having made a couple of those, realized I really liked it, and that it would be perfect for this yarn I had lying around after frogging a thrifted sweater. It was an Abercrombie and Fitch thing – fuzzy from the mohair and angora, and yarn that was very prone to breaking as I was undoing it.


As I usually do, I set out to use up *all* of the yarn, which included taking the half-finished scarf to the post-office, alongside the rest of the yarn, to weigh and calculate how long I could make it. I even figured out how many yards I needed to have left when I started decreasing, which tells you how obsessed I am delighted I get when I can really use it all up.


I’ve been working on writing up the pattern for this, in case anyone else would be interested in making this. Let’s see… What else? As soon as I started this scarf, I just knew who’s it was- I mean, who it was intended for, and I can’t separate this scarf from thinking of her – she’s been present in my mind as I’ve been making it. I hope she feels the thoughts! Oh, and my most vivid memory involving this scarf is wrapping it up in a tent in Montana a night we heard a bear walking about. We’re pretty sure. But that’s another story. And yes, it was terrifying.

my ravelry project page | the pattern


3 thoughts on “elvish leaves scarf”

  1. Wow, what a nice fall scarf, thanks for sharing the pattern. I love the new glasses – I have 2 too, a black pair for black outfits and brown for brown. I can be a bit over-matchy sometimes. Its a curse.

    1. Haha, I got a black pair too! I’m calling them my “sexy secretary”-glasses, and my “art opening”-glasses, haha! And yeah, I know what you mean with the matching!

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