Amanda fra Haugesund

The premiere has come and gone – who wants to see what I’ve been working on for the last two months?

© Harald Nordbakken/Haugesund Teater (2011)

Costumes, costumes, and more costumes! Haugesund Teater put on a newly written musical, called “Den (halv)sanne musikalen om Amanda fra Haugesund”. Dealing with story of a woman in the 1920s who is bootlegging to provide for her family, as well as a story of a contemporary woman, this show has close to 60 people on stage! Several of them have lots of costume changes too, so the costume count was very, very, high.

© Harald Nordbakken/Haugesund Teater (2011)

I worked mostly with the costumes for the “grey people” – see those folks in the background? I patterned the sailor pants and shirts which were needed in different sizes, and had some help cutting and sewing them. We ended up needing almost 50 sets, and all I could see when I closed my eyes, was pant construction! It really was a lot of work, but they looked great on stage, and that is always such a reward in working with costumes.

© Harald Nordbakken/Haugesund Teater (2011)

I had a lot of other sewing tasks too – we needed to make 10 different girls’ dresses, and of course there were the clothes for the lead actors; coats, dresses, skirts, and blouses. I certainly didn’t do it all of it – and that’s the interesting thing about costumes; often you have a part in some stage of construction for a lot of different clothes, so instead of just some costumes feeling like they are “yours”, they all feel like they are!

There are some costumes I worked on that I can’t find any pictures of at the moment – in the meanwhile, see more of Haugesund Teater’s pictures here. Janne Robberstad was the costume designer for the show, and she also has some pictures here.

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