on the needles: autumn hats

Photo by John B.

Well, this hat is clearly not on the needles anymore! All of our winter stuff is currently being shipped from Chicago to Bergen, so no matter how many hats and socks I’ve knit before – we need some hats and socks right here, right now!

I used my Reversible biking hat pattern, but tweaked it so the pattern goes in a diagonal line, instead of straight up. It’s a little hard to see in that picture, but I’m coming back with a post on how to customize the pattern! (Ravelry page here)

My other hat project is KristenMakes‘ beautiful Cabled Watchcap. I absolutely love her pattern, and the only reason mine looks a little different is that I am torturing challenging myself. I decided to frog a thriftstore sweater that was incredibly fine knit, and reasonably enough – the yarn is about the thinnest I’ve ever seen. It’s hardly thicker than sewing thread! I’m holding it quadruple, and it is still producing such tiny stitches, haha!

You can see in the top left corner how wavy the yarn is too, since I didn’t wash it after frogging the sweater. The knitting is a little rippely at the moment, but I’m hoping a good soak after I’m done with the hat will take care of that!

Tasia of Sewaholic had an interesting post a couple of days ago, about memories connected with things you make – she asked “Do you remember what you were thinking while you make things?” I often have strong memories of what I was watching while making things; my mustard colored socks remind me of watching the 1995 BBC version of “Pride and Predjudice”, and this hat is already becoming my “House of Eliott” project, incidentally another BBC-production. I’m sure they plan their mini-series for us knitting people in mind!

5 thoughts on “on the needles: autumn hats”

  1. I tried to reclaim the yarn from a sweater before. It didn’t go so well. It’s lovely to see other people making something so beautiful out of the same! :)

    1. Hehe, I’ve learned the hard way that not everything is suitable! Really fine knit sweater, stuff that has started to felt, or angora/mohair-like fibers? Hmm.. not so good. This is the tutorial I’ve used which helped me lots to get started.

      Thank you, and if you make another go at it, do share!

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