don’t fret

Completely inspired by Elise Blaha’s recent text art and this watercolor invite, I made a little card today.

Just like Elise, I eyeballed my letter-stickers on the paper…

… painted with watercolor on top, removed the stickers (which adhered just a *little* too much to the paper)…

…. and called it done. One address request later, and this will be on its way to a friend. I’d love to make a large size version of this – I actually liked the red and the green together so much I might try for a two-color version too.


5 responses to “don’t fret

  1. Simple and sweet. That’s my kindof project!

  2. Love it! Simple, but has a really neat effect!

  3. I love this! Thanks for sharing. It is so simple and yet has such a polished look to it. I’m glad I didn’t throw out my watercolor paints just yet.

  4. Megan & Wendy – thank you! It was surprisingly fast and easy, I spent about 15 minutes on it! And such a gratifying feeling of quick projects..!

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