my portfolio

Some people might have noticed I have updated and tweaked  the blog a little lately, including a new button, “portfolio”. You see, I’ve gotten my portfolio website up and running!

This is where I’ve collected a lot of my projects, both school-related and professional. I didn’t build the website from the ground up, but I certainly did a lot of tweaking to make it work more like I wanted it to. It was frustrating to the point of pulling my hair out and screaming at times, but it ended up looking pretty nice, if I may say so!

Go check it out!


4 responses to “my portfolio

  1. wow that looks amazing, i shall be coming back at a weekend when i have time to look through it all properly :-)

  2. Wow, what a great site! I am working on mine as well so I can commiserate with the hair-pulling. I am really impressed with yours, well done!

  3. Thank you guys! And Kristen… getting a website to where you want it is *hard*! Especially if you have to teach yourself html and css as you go along, haha!

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