flats and limbo

It’s the first real snowfall of the season here in Bergen, and I’m taking a break from watching cars having trouble getting up the hill outside my window. It’s fascinating, and a little nerve-wrecking to watch them sliding and trying to not bump into other cars, but also, not a very productive way to spend my day!

Illustration + flats from fashion illustration class

No, it’s far better to be sandwiched between a sheepskin and a wool blanket, having soup simmering on the stove, and sharing some fashion flat sketches, don’t you think? The illustration board above is from the same class as the illustrations in this post. It was in that class that I learned how to make flat sketches, something I still enjoy doing. There is a balance between information and preciseness and personality that I quite enjoy!

contour design board

This designboard is pretty bare bones.. I mean, I haven’t even titled it! But, I really enjoyed making these quick boards for a contour patternmaking project. My inspiration was old corsets, so using Victorian ladies with an overlaid swatch of my final fabric, with drawn on style-lines, was a quick way to communicate both inspiration, fabric, and execution. There is a whole post on this project (and the design – and designboard! – that I ended up choosing) right here.

A totally different style for my latest set of design boards, for my collection “Traces of Thread”. I actually drew the flats on vellum, which is slightly see-through, then cut them out and hand-tacked them on the background paper. The stitching around the illustration has to do with the handwork I incorporated in the collection, and also worked to keep colors consistent across the boards. I wrote about the collection here on the blog, and there are lots more pictures – including more illustrations on my website.

Lately I’ve been trying my hand at making flats in Illustrator – drawing the flats using a computer, as opposed to drawing them by hand. You might have seen my fancy underpant-drawing some weeks ago:

And I’ve also made some flat sketches of clothes I’ve made. Remember the boat-dress?

And this is the “Minde” skirt from my collection. See more pictures of the skirt in this post, and on my portfolio website:

I do like how clean and professional they look, but I still like that they have a certain hand-drawn quality – like the not quite straight lines in this skirt.  I don’t know a ton of Illustrator, so I relied on tutorials I could find online, and I particularly liked these videos.

In other news, I feel quite in limbo at the moment: I’ve been away from my sewing machine since May, and not only is it now in the repair shop after a month of back and forth with the airline and insurance company, but the rest of our belongings are in Germany after a lot of to and fro – definitely much delayed, and I have Christmas-gift-knitting that is missing some yarn! That will be my top priority when our stuff finally gets here. In the meantime, I’ve been finishing a skirt by hand, and will have pictures of that up here soon!

And now, I think I shall have some of that soup and write some letters to friends.


4 thoughts on “flats and limbo”

  1. I really like your illustrations, especially the third one, with the stitching on it. Looks SO cool!
    Hope you are enjoying the snow in Bergen. Maybe when it gets cold, you can make snow-angels. Now I´m afraid you might drown…

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