curry & snow

Well, look at that – I knit something!

With an absolute want of wintry knits, I had to hit the stash and make it happen before the temperatures dropped too much. One I had already started; the cabled watch-cap:

It took a lot of episodes of “House of Eliott”, but I finished it! Washing it got rid of all the kinks in the yarn, but it did bring about a slight problem. I guess it’s like straightening curly hair (which I know nothing about even though I’ve wished for curly hair for years) – it’s way longer in its unkinky form. Which means, my hat is too big. Luckily it’s all wool, so I think a tumble in the dryer under strict supervision might be enough to make it have the right amount of snugness. Don’t want to have my hat falling off after spending that much time on it, do I!

My other knit was a fairly quick, and much needed cowl. Ever since making a loop scarf out of the yarn that did not want to be knit, I’ve become a cowl convert. No ends to tuck away, or fly away – just woollyness around my neck! The yarn has been in my stash for years, and I’ve been tucking it away, waiting for the perfect project. I’m not quite sure if perfect projects are real, or just something that makes your stash dusty while you wait for perfection to arrive, but this yarn – finally – told me it wanted to be a cowl. I’ve been afraid of using it for a project that just wasn’t good enough, but this felt very right.

Also, I made curry today while wearing the cowl (it’s a bit chilly this time of year here – even inside), and they were totally the same color. That made me happy. Also happy? This picture of a boat at the docks we can see from our apartment. It is clearly also feeling the curry and snow.

All phots by John B.


5 thoughts on “curry & snow”

  1. Your knitting projects always make me want to learn to knit, I can’t think of anything nicer than sitting by a window overlooking docks eating curry & knitting (seriously, docks & curry, two of my favourite things ever)! Whenever I put House of Eliott on in the background while I’m meant to be sewing/productive I always get engrossed in the frocks & don’t concentrate on my work haha

    1. Aw, thank you! And I know – those dresses are sneaky! I keep wondering how they’re made, and what the patternpieces would look like. I loved seeing what I assume is a pretty accurate representation of the sewing room in couture houses too – it made me want to work in one!

  2. The hat looks great! I can see how it took some time to make it! Good thing the sisters kept you company ;-)
    I made a big pink cowl a couple of years ago, and haven´t worn it much yet, maybe I should change that, and become a fan too.

  3. Lovely knits. The hat looks very soft and it has the right amount of slouch that I’ve seen on hats lately.
    The cowl looks very warm and the colour reminds me of curry too :)

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