90s craft stuff revisited

Growing up in the 90s with a craft-loving mom means I was surrounded by craft supplies. Paints, crayons, Fimo clay, beads, pens to paint on ceramics, pens to paint on fabric… Oh, and kits! Calligraphy, silk painting, papermaking – the list is growing long.

I love that I was surrounded by opportunities to make, all the time. I love that I was encouraged to make, all the time. What I don’t like, is all the supplies left over that seem like they could only possibly produce the same (*cough*.. I’m trying not to say anything overly mean now) decidedly 90s aesthetic. I think we all know what I’m talking about (rainbow seed bead bracelets and Fimo clay jewellery?).

The last few days I’ve seen some things that has really challenged my view on these materials, and I’m downright excited to go home to my parents this holiday and see if I can breathe new life into some of the things just whiling away in drawers!

bowlImage and tutorial from sodapop-design

Check out this adorable lace + clay bowl tutorial, just painted with acrylic to top it off. I’m picturing small dishes and tea-candle holders!

painted mugImage and tutorial from witandwhistle

I’m pretty sure I don’t have any glass-painting pens that are this textured, but I think the key to success definitely is repetitive patterns in a monochrome color scheme. Love the black-white contrast on this!

seed bead necklaceImage and tutorial from rebekahgough

Finally, who could imagine seed beads ever looking this good? I found several necklaces that I’d love to try to make, I put them all in my “to make” board over on pinterest. This is probably the one I’m most excited about. Hopefully I have some pictures of my own of 90s stuff revisited to show right past the New Years!


6 thoughts on “90s craft stuff revisited”

  1. Oh man, why don’t we live in the same city anymore and why didn’t we have crafting parties when we did?! Well I know why, school, but whateves. I was totally checking all your seed bead pins, can’t wait to see what you come up with and maybe copy you!

    1. I know! That is the sad part of leaving a town – it’s inevitable to find new friends at the very last minute! (or, you know, potential internet geeking out friends) Anyways, yes! I’m really excited to make something awesome with seed beads. It’ll be like breaking a curse, haha!

  2. Janne – I was a lucky child indeed!
    Molly – I remember using that soft (non-curing) clay to make entire rooms on ice-cream lids when I was really little! Clay is good for the imagination! ;) I think most of the products that are meant to use like that are dishwasher safe afterwards being cured at such a high temperature in the oven!
    Sepideh – thank you for sharing that link!

  3. We always had tons of craft stuff at home too, clay was the best because it could become anything at all! I saw that mug tutorial too and really like it, but I wonder how it would go through the dishwasher?

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