Free pattern: Elvish Leaves Scarf

I have a pattern to share with you! It’s the Elvish Leaves Scarf I made based on a dishcloth with this same pattern.This scarf with an elegant leaf pattern repeat is a good intermediate lace project. The thin scarf is perfect for slightly chilly days where you just need that extra little warmth and comfort around your neck!

The chart in this pattern is based on one ravelry-user Jadis made, with her knowledge and generous consent.

I made this with some reclaimed yarn in a delicious mohair/angora/other woolly wools blend, making it nice and warm and super soft. I really enjoyed knitting this scarf – and I hope you enjoy the pattern!

Download the Elvish Leaves Scarf pattern!

Ravelry page for the Elvish Leaves Scarf pattern


3 thoughts on “Free pattern: Elvish Leaves Scarf”

  1. Oh, this looks very nice. Stop making me want to start even more new projects! My house is full of them!
    Come to think of it. Didn´t you promise me years ago to come sort all my books in my library? You´re living quite close now… want to visit a weekend next year? I have a whole pile of books that need a new owner :-)

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