corners of my home, pt 3

We interrupt regular craft-centric posting to share this mess with you:

After seven months of being packed up, sitting first in a warehouse, then on a train, a boat, another few months being inexplicably stuck in Hamburg doing what I do not know, and then some boats and trains and trucks later… all our stuff finally made it to us! We tore everything open, and now we have piles of books and clothes and pictures and things everywhere while we find a good place for them all. I beyond delighted.

That’s my pile of crafting books in the foreground, and I’m thrilled to pieces to have my stash and patterns and tools reunited again. Let the crafting begin!

4 thoughts on “corners of my home, pt 3”

  1. That must be such a relief! Having done a similar move myself, I can imagine what you went through – we somehow only went a week without our stuff, but I don’t think they went through so many different forms of transportation as yours!

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