outfit: first day of spring

We had two whole days of sunshine here in Bergen, and the unofficial, but highly followed, rule here in rainy Bergen in these cases is to drop everything, and soak up as much of the sun as possible.

So after my bikeride back from work, I switched shoes and jacket, and went on a combined photoshoot/grocery-run/sun-seeking walk to the shopping center down the street.

I wasn’t trying to coordinate, but after switching from a bike-jacket to my spring-like short trenchcoat, and nude heels instead of black shoes, I decided my grey, khaki, and curry colored outfit felt really appropriate for the lovely spring weather we were having. That usually warrants an impromptu photoshoot!

Even my tote-bag matches!

The skirt is a recent refashion from a pair of pants, and it’s been getting a lot of wear – a definite new staple in my wardrobe. I made the cowl over the winter, and it’s been in heavy rotation too. I think I’m a complete cowl convert! The jacket and shirt are thrifted, and the heels are from Payless and finally getting some use after I bought them right before a three-month roadtrip were heels weren’t deemed worthy of room in the very tightly packed car-trunk.

So, spring – want to stick around? Please do!


5 thoughts on “outfit: first day of spring”

    1. Thank you! I was wondering if that was at all interesting to other people than me, so I’m glad you enjoyed it! I still don’t find putting together outfits easy, so the process behind an outfits fascinates me.

      1. lol, I really enjoyed how you broke it down, I’m such a tomboy and have always just relied on jeans and t-shirts unless I “have” to dress up. . . so the step-by-step explanation was nice! :-)

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