flora & fauna: a favorite

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Bergen, and any day without the threat of rain must be taken advantage of! So we hopped on our bikes, to go coffee-sampling at the city’s coffee roastery at their monthly open-house day.

Safety first! I bike in the streets with the cars, and I cannot imagine not having a helmet on – my head feels bare and it just feels wrong if I forget to put it on! Then I remember and walk inside and fetch it and go on my merry way.

I’ve been digging monochrome-ish outfits in neutral colors lately, and this fits that bill – a symphony of greys and taupes with some olive grey and brown thrown in. The dress is one of my favorites – It’s called Southward Stop Shirtdress (from Anthropologie). I love just about everything about this dress; the muted color-scheme, the super-fine-waled corduroy, the shape, the stand collar and the v-neckline, and of course…. the print. There are little deers all over my dress!

“Look, a parachuter!”

And you know what else is on my dress (apart from random chocolate stains that the print does a marvelous job of hiding)? A little bit of everything! I spy polka-dotted pocket linings, polka-dotted piping, ruffles, gathers, inverted box-pleats and lets throw in some pin-tucks too. I would never have thought that all those things could go on a dress with a print without looking ridiculously busy, but I’m taking it as a lesson to play more with elements in my garments. If this dress can make that look good, then so can I!

I have a real tendency to go with solids both in buying and in making clothes, but I’ve really been trying to get more prints and patterns into my wardrobe. I’m knitting a scarf right now in a variegated yarn which is a bit of a departure for me – but it’s part of me challenging myself to venture beyond solids!

And on a random end note, I love that this city sits on the water and is surrounded by mountains.

4 thoughts on “flora & fauna: a favorite”

  1. It is a very cool dress and outfit! I can relate on the monochrome too, interestingly and oddly… I have been finding myself attracted to camel and acorn-y, tawny shades between brown and grey, which is a bit of a departure for me. Which is all to say that I love the color story you’ve got going on in this outfit and these pictures! And I’ve only spent a few days in Bergen, and in a different season, but I can only imagine how magically lovely it was on a spring day with the sun out!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the neutrals, especially with a pop of color somewhere, is really doing it for me right now!

      Ooo, you’ve been to Bergen – how fun! It is fantastic here in the spring; there is a cherry blossom tree by the little water at the center of town that is gorgeously pink when it blooms, I’ll have to get a picture of it when it happens. Everything literally stops with the sun out, and we forget that it was ever raining! ;)

      And I’ve been in Fargo by the way! I haven’t spent more than a handful of days spread out over decades (!) – it’s so funny to me how small this world can be. We went through a really nice neighbourhood with galleries and lunch-places and a chinese shop I bought some splendidly yellow flats I wore to shreds.

      1. It’s so funny when someone comes from cosmopolitan places like Chicago and Bergen then you’ve been to funny little Fargo not once but several times, but I remember now you said your father was from the area. I’m glad you have good memories here. But yes, particularly between Scandinavia and this part of the upper midwest, the world is small indeed! I was just passing around salty licorice Dents at work today for the sore throats! ;)

      2. Oh, how funny, dent! Let me know if you need an extra shipment! ;)

        You’re right – my dad grew up around there, and as a teen he would drive down to the “big city” (yup, that’d be Fargo) to take oboe-lessons! And I do remember from visiting my grandparents as a kid, that there were all these diners with Norwegian things on the menu! That was very odd to an 8-year old, being so far away from home, and yet, they had “kringle” and “lefse” on those pegboard menus with letters you stick on there one by one. The things that stays with you, haha!

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