Me-Made-May 2012

It’s getting close to May, and in the sewing/blogging world, that also means Me-Made-May!

I, Birgitte of indigorchid, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear at least one self-made or refashioned garment or accessory each day I get dressed and go out and about for the duration of May 2012.

Last time around, I said I would probably not participate in another challenge such as Self-Stiched-September or as I am now doing, Me-Made-May. So what has changed? One thing I ended up really enjoying about SSS was how it helped me hone in on something close to “my style” – something I felt comfortable in and excited by. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year since moving from Chicago back to Norway, and I like the thought of MMM reviving my sense of style that seems to have gone a little by the wayside.

My self-designated favorites from SSS’10

However! I don’t want (or need) for this challenge to make me frustrated or unhappy. Last time, things started to feel a little forced and less enjoyable by the end of the month, so in line with Zoe’s call to really challenge ourselves in a way that makes sense to us, these are the parameters I’m setting up for myself:

Lessons learned from last time:

• Only real outfits, worn out and about! I don’t see a point in getting dressed up only to take a photo, if I really spent the day in my pjs reading the newspaper and doing laundry. I need this to reflect the daily life I am leading right now, so no outfit = no picture. And no guilt.
• Which also means I won’t be challenging myself to wear all the self-made things I have, like I did last time. Through doing SSS I actually discovered some clothes I didn’t really care for any more, and it’s totally fine if that happens again. I just won’t make myself wear the potentially offending clothes this time.
• I’ll be doing weekly MMM updates. I did every four days last time, and that was too often for me.

What’s the same:

• The challenge for me lies not in incorporating a self-made or refashioned garment, but to incorporate it in my style, but my one rule will still be at least one self-made or refashioned garment or accessory every day.

I made a pie-chart last time to look at what I had worn during SSS’10. I’m already scheming for this years pie-chart!

This year’s challenges:

• My work has a dress code, which feels limiting. In all honesty, it’s nothing worse than “dress neutral and neat and nice, and no shoes”, but it caps how creative I can get with what I wear to work, which is where I go most days. And the no shoes? It’s a bridalshop, meaning we have to keep the floors super-clean, so shoes become part of my outfit only on my way to and from work.
• Between doing a major culling when we left Chicago last summer and the subsequent road-trip/transatlantic-move/unemployment/settling-in-trickery, I’ve had no energy/interest/money for making or buying clothes. Which means, I’m a quite underwhelmed with the state of my wardrobe at the moment, and I’m a little unsure how I will find outfits I’m happy with! But… that’s the point, right? That there is a challenge!

So there it is, let May start! Actually, let it start in a week or so – I have a pile of unfinished stuff that could use some finishing. I’m looking at you Beignet skirt and Minoru jacket. And Marie skirt. And… oh, let’s just leave it at “pile of”, ok?

2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2012”

  1. I am so glad that I’ll be seeing you there again too! I love how these challenges really get us thinking strategically about our work and wardrobes and how we use them, and you have really given this some great analysis. I’m like you this time around, both job and life factors mean I’m going to be a little more restricted in my challenge item-wise than previous challenges, but it’s going to be very thoughtful and challenging nonetheless, if that makes sense. I look forward to seeing and reading about your month!

    1. Thank you, and I agree – at this point it’s the thought process around the challenge that really feels beneficial somehow.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how your MMM-month plays out!

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