me-made-may: week 1

Me-made-stuff: Seamless hybrid sweater (I should probably make myself one instead of borrowing John’s all the time!), and a cowl that has its own post coming up: here.

Day 1: May 1st is a Labor Day and a public holiday here in Norway, so John and I biked downtown, took pictures of my newly made scarf while sitting in the sun, and managed to catch the parade while eating ice cream.

Me-made stuff: Valentine’s day skirt, knit top sewn by me, designed by Elmidae, refashioned silk tank that I’m so impressed is still going strong 8 years after I thrifted and remade it. Wow.

Day 2: An almost entirely me-made outfit! I’ve been wearing this pencil skirt with blousier tops, but I like the slim silhouette with fitted top better I think. Last time I wore this with a turquoise necklace, and that made it a little more fun and casual.

Me-made stuff: Refashioned skirt

Day 3: Feeling the need to be casual and comfy, so grey skirt, grey tank, grey cardigan. Since the top half is so loose and kind of hidden, I decided to highlight my legs by layering some patterned tights over maroon tights, and bring some color into the mix. The tights didn’t like to stay up during the day, and the skirt was hard to bike in. I felt casual, though a little frumpy. The cardigan is hard to style. But I did feel pretty comfy.

     Me-made stuff: Refashioned trench, knitted cowl.

Day 4: John came and met me at my work to bike home together, so I had him take my outfit picture there instead of doing the tripod-thing in the kitchen. I just got this dress, and while I’ve been lusting after some striped things for a while now, and I’m really pleased with how this has pale peach and midnight blue stripes instead of the traditional black and while ones, softening the look a bit.

Me-made stuff: Blush silk top, skirt sewn by me, designed by Elmidae.

Day 5: Let’s just ignore the dishes and dance to Modest Mouse and go to a birthday party, ok? Ok then.

me-made-may: week 1
me-made-may: week 2
me-made-may: week 3
me-made-may: week 4
me-made-may: week 5

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