me-made-may: week 2

Me-made-stuff:  Geithus lace knit top, refashioned skirt.

Day 7: So far May has been a chilly month, and I’ve been reaching for any warm woolen piece I have. Here, it’s the knit top from my final project at school, in combination with this icky-colored cardigan I think goes with just about everything. I even matched my tights to my belt today!

Me-made stuff: Seamless hybrid sweater (again), mustard shorts.

Day 11: A rainy day, so today’s outfit needed to be warm and also fit underneath some serious raingear. I layered the shirt with the sweater to break up the mass of dark wool against my face, added the shorts for the quasi-newsboy vibe emerging, then put on the necklace to soften things a little. Also, I got a haircut.

Me-made stuff: refashioned thrifted skirt.

Day 12: John and I had a date this Saturday, and this is from our little smartphone photoshoot in front of the theater, before heading to a Persian dinner and then an Indian movie (well, set in India at least). It’s colder than it looks. I was (am) getting fed up by the lack of spring, so I felt the need to compensate for the tights by wearing some clunky  sandals. Also, I’m wearing my cardigan backwards to cover a gap I’m discovering in my wardrobe: sweaters.

Me-made stuff: Bayview Street Cardigan.

Day 13: More rain. And chilliness. Surprised? I spent most of this rainy day at a friend’s house, cutting fabric for a project we’re working on, so warm wool and wellies was the ticket.

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14 thoughts on “me-made-may: week 2”

    1. Thank you Cosladoru! I really like that mustard color too – it’s funny how certain colors can become a signature color of sorts, and I think this one might be that for me!

  1. You are so good, making your own clothes! That is my ideal too. But when ever I actually have the time to do it, I forget. Ha, ha, ha…

    1. Thank you! It certainly takes a lot of time, but I’ve been building up a collection of me-made things since having Janne as a teacher at Olavskulen, and now I just can’t stop! (I’ve hardly made anything so far this year, so I’m not always very productive!)

    1. Thank you! I love my mustard shorts. Haha, used the new buttonholer at Columbia for the buttonholes actually! You know how it goes… something sits around for months (shudder… years) until that last little thing. And then I got bike grease on the hip from moving my bike after biking down to North beach. I got most of it out though. Memories! P.S. I’m wearing a tiny-pocket-less tank right now that I am loving and rocking!

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