me-made-may: week 4

Me-made-stuff: Tailored Jacket

Day 21: The week begins with a bit of photo-fail, and a bit of outfit-fail too (except I still think it’s cute!). I really loved this outfit as a concept, but 1. It was warm, and this jacket didn’t stay on half-way to work, and 2. Without the jacket I felt like a major kick-back to 90s babydoll-dresses and canvas combat boots, and 3. Something is off with the proportions of this jacket on me, and needs a little Fix-it-Friday-love. Except it will be a little tedious because of the tailoring on the inside. And again – this felt a little out of season, but that just means I have a go-to outfit for the fall!

Me-made stuff: Refashioned skirt

Day 22: I’ve worn pretty much exactly this outfit during my SSS challenge, especially if you consider that I didn’t wear the cardigan most of the day. I didn’t even make it to the bus-stop before it came off!

Me-made stuff: Patterned tiny pocket tank

Day 17: Sometimes I get this really strong urge for preppy dressing. So out comes cropped (well, cuffed) pants, oxfords, seersucker-like jackets, and.. a tribal printed tank to shake things up. I liked this outfit, except the pants went straight back to the get-rid-of-pile for the same reason as last time; baggy knees and stretched out bum – guilty as charged.

Me-made stuff: Bayview Street Cardigan

Day 25: I really like the top picture, I look very impish, drinking my wine, all grandmother-vintage-like with leather shoes and a knit cardigan. Ok – confession: This was not my outfit most of the day. Most of the day I wore a different cardigan, and I didn’t change until we were waterside to take pictures of the sunset and it got chilly and I pulled out this to stay warm. But then John was there with a fancy camera, and I was indeed wearing something I made, so you get pretty sunset pictures. You’re welcome.

Me-made stuff: patterned tiny pocket tank, refashioned skirt

Day 26: This Saturday was just so delightfully warm that I spent the entire day working at home in this outfit, windows open, taking breaks from my sewing to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. Just perfect.

Me-made stuff: near-zero-waste yoga pants

Day 27: Sunday saw us going for a 5-hour hike, that wasn’t really supposed to be 5 hours, except we lost our trail on the way down, and decided we could just wing it. Hmm.. not the best idea. You can’t see the cuts and scratches or ticks or mud all over my butt from sliding in moss and battling underbrush, but you can see my fancy new shoes! They’re New Balance Minimus Trail WT20, if anyone is interested. And I approve of them! That’s a really short version of it, but I’m really excited – these are my first ever serious running shoes, and so far I’m pretty pleased!

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8 thoughts on “me-made-may: week 4”

    1. Thank you! I actually wore them yesterday, and had some more thoughts about improvements! I’ll let you know when they’re at a further stage, maybe you’d be willing to do some testing on them?

    1. Haha, thanks Ruth! Yeah… that zero-waste thought has stuck with me! They’re not completely zero-waste, and I don’t know if I’ll get them to be without sacrificing ease of sewing, but I’ll try. But! They only need a yard of fabric, and I think that’s pretty cool too!

      P.S. I’m thinking of making it into a real buy-able pattern eventually – I’ll let you know when they’re ready if you’d want to test them! ;)

    1. Thank you! The striped dress was a lucky sales buy at Oasis, and I’m glad I found it. I’ve reached for it quite a lot!

      P.S. Congratulations on your new job – how exciting!

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