me-made-may: week 5

Me-made-stuff: refashioned skirt

Day 28: Coming off a warm spell over a week long, it was hard to adjust to downright cool temperatures, and I was totally underdressed in this outfit. Thankfully, I was spending the day indoors cutting fabric for the choir-dresses I’ve been working on all month, so it was all good. John yelled out “bag-lady” and snapped this picture as I left with all the bags of finished dresses, which was funny. This outfit is a little school-teacher to me, but in a good way I think.

Me-made stuff: Ironwood dress (not blogged yet)

Day 29:  It was Tuesday, and I felt like dressing up. I still haven’t blogged about this dress – I just need to make a photo-date with the library (for some reason this dress just wants to be photographed among stacks of books.. is that cliché-y?). I’ve used that necklace quite a lot this month, which was a gift from John many years ago, but it sits quite high, and that doesn’t work well with all necklines. In a stroke of minor genius I attached a spare chain, and now it sits just where I want it to.

Me-made stuff: Elmidae knit top, silk tank, Skaugløtt skirt

Day 31: I decided I should go out on a slightly dramatic note, which also ended up being a nod to the first outfit of the month (oops! I just realized it actually was outfit number two! Huh, I guess I didn’t view cords and knit sweater as dressing up and totally mentally skipped it). You can see I’ve wised up to the weather and actually dug out my tights again, haha! After adding the oft-worn minty green necklace, I decided something else needed adding, and the belt that belongs to my grandma dress was a good fit. It actually sat a little lower most of the day (well, with constant adjustment), and made for a nice transition between the light top and dark-colored skirt.

May flew by, I can’t believe we’re into June already! I’m going to crunch numbers and make pie-charts, and be back sometime next week with thoughts on this years challenge. In the meanwhile, a happy Sunday to everyone!

me-made-may: week 1

me-made-may: week 2
me-made-may: week 3
me-made-may: week 4
me-made-may: week 5

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12 thoughts on “me-made-may: week 5”

  1. Just checked out your website and ye gads woman you are so accomplished! Also, machine knitting=awesome! I want to get into that but unfortunately nobody sells knitting machines in Australia anymore XS Also, with your image gallery-the picture with the handknit honeycomb top from your traces of thread collection, did you make the skirt as well? It’s so awesome!

    1. Aww, thank you! It makes me smile and my heart happy to recieve comments like this one! :D Yep, the skirt I made as well – everything is made by me in those photos, even the belts. Though I did not make the shoes. I’m not a total genius like Ms. Botterman is.

      Also, machine-knitting is pretty cool! I do find it a little limiting in sorts, or just less of the antithesis (well, sort of) of sewing compared to hand-knitting. Knitting machines aren’t portable, and it’s not as tactile and literally hands-on as hand-knitting is, which I think makes it such a nice companion to sewing for me. But! I could never hand-knit stitches as evenly or as fast as a knitting machine could. So there is that.

  2. I LOVED your outifts all month. Very well-planned, your me-made wardrobe is so versatile, and I love seeing how you make these garments into your own personal style.

    1. Aw, thank you Kristen! That is really nice to hear… I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s not totally thrilled with their wardrobe, so getting comments like that is very encouraging and lovely!

  3. Found you via the MMM flickr group and I’ve got your RSS feed now I’ll be seeing your around. PS can you make your posts so they show up in Reader in their entirety please? I do all my blog reading in reader because I really like the continuous scroll function.

      1. Thanks, it looks good but you might want to check on your own RSS feed player/ reader because I’ve already upgraded to Super Reader (which force-unfurls everything XD). I’ve checked it on both ‘readable’ and ‘feed’ settings though, and I can see the whole post…

  4. Congratulations on such a successful MMMay!
    Your Ironwood dress is fab, and your Traces of Thread collection is completely gorgeous! Bravo!

    1. Thank you Emily! You’ve done a pretty terrific job yourself, (and I can’t say this enough.. ;) ) especially including your shoes!

      Thank you for your sweet words, I really appreciate it!

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