me-made-may: round-up

I really meant to write this round-up, what, two weeks ago? But then I got super-busy, and then I got sick, so I’m doing it now instead.

I made a little collage, and it’s really funny to see my wardrobe through a month all at once – especially when it so clearly shows that I have been dressing in grey, white, and mustardy-yellow. I think I’ve forgotten a lot of thoughts I had during and right after the challenge, but one thing has stayed with me: I have competing dressing desires.

When I’m going to work, I want to look sharp and polished and put together, with pencil skirts and structured tops, or fitted dresses. When I’m not at work, I gravitate towards flowey, casual, faded, slightly off kilter things. Which is totally fine, except for the days I dressed really casually and picnicy going to work and felt awkward and uncomfortable. I think I just have to accept that work-me wants to dress differently than leisure-me! Last time I did this challenge, I was a college-student with a school-lab part-time job, and the dress-code for the two sort of blended and was one and the same, so this is the first time I’ve even felt this gap.

And now, for some awards!

Most worn:


Tiny pocket tank! I wore this five times, and I didn’t even make it until half-way through the challenge! This one is a winner.

Most worn, runner-up:

The skirt I made from some old trousers has been such a work-horse – I plan to make more in this style.

Honorable mentions:

My honorable mention goes to the two most worn not me-made things; the yellow cardigan and the striped jersey dress. I deduct of course, that I need more cardigans and more easy-to-wear dresses in my wardrobe.

Most festive:

Celebrating Norway’s Independence day with flags and friends! I didn’t have my national costume available to me, so I wore the second best thing: A coat inspired by and based on my national costume!

Most meh:

As I was saying, some clothes belong in the off-time part of my life. This is such an outfit (in reality, I did wear this to work, and I did not feel comfortable – I felt like a bum). Another lesson learned from this challenge: there is a time to get rid of faded, stretched out, pilling beyond repair pieces of clothing. That time is now, and those clothes are it.

Most favorite garments:

Coincidentally made in the same fabric, and coincidentally with the same pencil-skirt shape. They just work.

One thing that really stood out to me while doing this fairly self-focused, self-examining challenge, was how clothes made me feel. In particular, I noticed how not-quite fitting clothes made me quite self-conscious. As a result I now have a laundry-list of friday-fixes for my self-made garments; a too-long hem here, a shoulder needing narrowing there… If the fit is off, I just don’t feel as put-together.

I’m really glad I loosened up the demands on myself this time – it meant that I didn’t lose the enjoyment of the project. Taking pictures was not very fun (why won’t if focus on my face?!), but this time I did like that I took pictures outside the kitchen some days too, say, if I was meeting up with John to go out to dinner, celebrate national days, biking home together, or simply used the stairs outside our apartment as the backdrop instead. And in conclusion: yes, I’d do this again.

The breakdown of what garments I wore, and how much. Love pie-charts!

me-made-may: week 1

me-made-may: week 2
me-made-may: week 3
me-made-may: week 4
me-made-may: week 5

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8 thoughts on “me-made-may: round-up”

    1. Thank you! I do wonder what the result would be if I documented my entire wardrobe, not just my me-made one. But I guess it’s easier to co-ordinate?

      Oh, and by the way – I really enjoy seeing the pictures you took during MMM, with all the different sights and buildings in the background! I makes me want to visit Berlin and Germany again… soon!

  1. I love your roundup! You really do have a distinct colour palatte… and it works for you! (I think my own colour palatte is rainbow!)
    Do you have any patterns picked for your comfy dresses and cardigans? I could use more of those myself!

    1. Thank you! I find it so funny to look at my own round-up and realize there is such a color-palette, but also looking at other peoples round-ups and see the same thing! I don’t have any patterns lined up yet.. For cardigans I would like to knit another Bayview Street Cardigan, but just buy the thin kinds, and I would like to try a jersey dress next. But then again, I have a giant pile of half-finished projects I also could finish. Or should finish – so I have the space to sew more, haha!

  2. Great MMM12 roundup. You had some great outfits and you always – work or casual – looked stylish. I love that mustard cardigan btw, it goes with everything. Must get one!

    1. Thank you Kristy! The cardigan is from Uniqlo, and I wish I had bought five more of them! I’ll have to see if they have something similar there next time I visit the US.

      P.S. Fellow corduroy-fan! I was looking through your posts, and I realized your picture from the last day (with the corduroy shorts) was one that really caught my eye in the flickr pool! Just love that color combination!

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