corners of my home, pt. 4 – my sewing corner

Breezes are coming through open doors and windows, it smells like fresh cut grass, and an enthusiastic game of soccer is happening somewhere out there, out of sight, but making up the noises of summer.

While I’m enjoying a week of vacation back in my home town, my sewing corner as I am showing it to you, is soon a thing of the past. We’re moving apartments in a week, so things are looking a bit more like this corner of my home post from six months ago – boxes everywhere!

Still, I wanted to show you where I’ve had my little sewing nook in this apartment. The bedroom is a long room, so we stuck the mirrored wardrobe in the middle, and created a walk-in-wardrobe slash sewing space.

A thrift-store table, recovered chair, a lamp, a shelf for my patterns, boxes filled with notions and supplies, and jars for my spools of thread, and some hooks for my scissors. It’s not much, but I’ve been very pleased with having found space for my sewing stuff. And… how can I forget those boxes on the floor overflowing with fabrics and projects! Very stylish, I know.

My favorite part must be the hooks for the scissors. I didn’t realize my scissors matched so well – or, that they happened to be organized by size that day!

(From the left is my super-heavy paper scissors, a pair of 10″ KAI scissors, my 9″ all around Ginghers, and another KAI, 8″. Um yes, I love my KAI’s. Best scissors ever.)

I feel like you get into this strange little bubble when you take apart the home you’ve made for yourself in one place, to pack it down, carry, and reassemble in another space. It’s a little stressful, but I’m looking forward to setting up in a new apartment with (spoiler alerts!) a view, daylight, and hopefully soon, a little kitten too!


I’ve started running

So, I ‘ve started running, and I have a new phone.

my new running shoes
Yes, those two things are totally connected, and if you’ll indulge me a bit, I shall tell the story of the phone and the shoes.

Just after New Years, I decided to start running. During that first run it was pouring outside, I ran in my hiking shoes, and I was completely drenched despite rainclothes when I came back after half an hour. But I kept at it for two months, following the couch – to 5K program. After having not quit, I decided I should get myself some better running shoes, and ordered the New Balance Minimus Trail shoe (WT20). Then, oh… then, we had a theft, and lost important documents, a computer, sentimental stuff, and little useful things such as the mp3 player I’d been using to time my runs. In the aftermath, replacing the mp3 player and to keep running felt pretty low on the list of important things to do and sort out.

So, fast forward a month and a half – I’d gotten my shoes, and I’ve been walking in them lots, including a hike that ended up a little off the path, and the shoes have been pretty great. They belong to the barefoot-style of running shoes, and it is… different. And good! I can’t explain it other than it feels like you’re walking barefoot, except you have a very lightweight shoe on. I use the muscles in my feet a lot more while walking, and I walk up steep hills differently – like I’m barefoot (hmmm, surprise!).

Fast forward about another month and a half or so, and I’ve finally treated myself to the smartphone I’ve been wanting to get for years. Which also means, I now have a device to play music on, which is how I time my runs (run to a 1-minute song, walk to a 1,5 minute song – which isn’t much, but I’ve decided to start from the beginning again of the program). And that, my friends, is how I started running.

And this is how I take pictures with my fancy new phone. Let’s ignore the thumb-over-lens-action, and look at lush trees and mountains and a gorgeous summers day instead. Yes, let’s!

Anybody else taken up running lately? Or has barefoot-style shoes? Or has completed a 10K and wanting to brag about it? (I’m hoping that’s me by the end of the year!)

outfit: I bought stuff

So, here is the deal: my day-job is to alter wedding dresses, which can be intensive, time-consuming, and stressful,  especially now that we’re in the height of the wedding-season (but of course, also very rewarding when we’ve done our job well and the brides are beaming in their dresses!).

Funnily enough, I haven’t been running straight for my sewing machine when I get home in the evening, and thus, I have had nothing newly made to show you guys on this here blog, and thus, I’ve had nothing to say.

Yes, it is July. Summer in Bergen for the most part requires an umbrella, and often also pants.

So I’m popping in to say that this Sunday it is raining; I’m wearing my blush silk top along with two of the three gray things I bought on sale last week (I know, how boring! I’ll declare them all wardrobe staples, and put more pressure on myself to make colorful and printed stuff); and why yes – I do buy stuff new every once in a while. Sometimes I even buy cheap stuff I should probably have left at the store. Like the cardigan, which is already pilling a bit, had a hole mended this morning, and a button re-sewn. Hmm. But the jeans are nice, even if they are the skinny skinny kind I swore I’d never wear.

Ok, don’t look too closely at this picture, or it will look like I have crazy eyes. Look at the other picture large instead, and enjoy my neat hairdo and my two-tone hair color. All natural, I swear.

I will get back into sewing, but I fear it would feel like a chore at the moment, and that’s not cool. I am, however, making some headway on knitting an alpaca sweater and some nice wool mittens! What, seasonally inappropriate? Pfft.