outfit: I bought stuff

So, here is the deal: my day-job is to alter wedding dresses, which can be intensive, time-consuming, and stressful,  especially now that we’re in the height of the wedding-season (but of course, also very rewarding when we’ve done our job well and the brides are beaming in their dresses!).

Funnily enough, I haven’t been running straight for my sewing machine when I get home in the evening, and thus, I have had nothing newly made to show you guys on this here blog, and thus, I’ve had nothing to say.

Yes, it is July. Summer in Bergen for the most part requires an umbrella, and often also pants.

So I’m popping in to say that this Sunday it is raining; I’m wearing my blush silk top along with two of the three gray things I bought on sale last week (I know, how boring! I’ll declare them all wardrobe staples, and put more pressure on myself to make colorful and printed stuff); and why yes – I do buy stuff new every once in a while. Sometimes I even buy cheap stuff I should probably have left at the store. Like the cardigan, which is already pilling a bit, had a hole mended this morning, and a button re-sewn. Hmm. But the jeans are nice, even if they are the skinny skinny kind I swore I’d never wear.

Ok, don’t look too closely at this picture, or it will look like I have crazy eyes. Look at the other picture large instead, and enjoy my neat hairdo and my two-tone hair color. All natural, I swear.

I will get back into sewing, but I fear it would feel like a chore at the moment, and that’s not cool. I am, however, making some headway on knitting an alpaca sweater and some nice wool mittens! What, seasonally inappropriate? Pfft.


2 thoughts on “outfit: I bought stuff”

  1. Good idea to give yourself a break, there’s only so much you can do (or want to do!). I’m totally behind your knitting through summer plan – I knit all the way through the Australian summer, and usually with wool too :)

    1. Thank you Lauren, for encouraging words! And we should all unite…. summer knitters! Norway doesn’t get super-hot in the summers, so in many ways it’s not as odd as it could be. But can you imagine? Not knitting for an entire season? No sir, not happening!

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