I’ve started running

my new running shoes

So, I ‘ve started running, and I have a new phone.

my new running shoes
Yes, those two things are totally connected, and if you’ll indulge me a bit, I shall tell the story of the phone and the shoes.

Just after New Years, I decided to start running. During that first run it was pouring outside, I ran in my hiking shoes, and I was completely drenched despite rainclothes when I came back after half an hour. But I kept at it for two months, following the couch – to 5K program. After having not quit, I decided I should get myself some better running shoes, and ordered the New Balance Minimus Trail shoe (WT20). Then, oh… then, we had a theft, and lost important documents, a computer, sentimental stuff, and little useful things such as the mp3 player I’d been using to time my runs. In the aftermath, replacing the mp3 player and to keep running felt pretty low on the list of important things to do and sort out.

So, fast forward a month and a half – I’d gotten my shoes, and I’ve been walking in them lots, including a hike that ended up a little off the path, and the shoes have been pretty great. They belong to the barefoot-style of running shoes, and it is… different. And good! I can’t explain it other than it feels like you’re walking barefoot, except you have a very lightweight shoe on. I use the muscles in my feet a lot more while walking, and I walk up steep hills differently – like I’m barefoot (hmmm, surprise!).

Fast forward about another month and a half or so, and I’ve finally treated myself to the smartphone I’ve been wanting to get for years. Which also means, I now have a device to play music on, which is how I time my runs (run to a 1-minute song, walk to a 1,5 minute song – which isn’t much, but I’ve decided to start from the beginning again of the program). And that, my friends, is how I started running.

And this is how I take pictures with my fancy new phone. Let’s ignore the thumb-over-lens-action, and look at lush trees and mountains and a gorgeous summers day instead. Yes, let’s!

Anybody else taken up running lately? Or has barefoot-style shoes? Or has completed a 10K and wanting to brag about it? (I’m hoping that’s me by the end of the year!)


4 thoughts on “I’ve started running”

  1. Your area looks like such a beautiful place to run/walk/hike in! I can’t pretend I don’t enjoy squizing at inner-suburban architecture but I’d trade it for a view like that any day…

    Buying proper running shoes was my serious committment to the effort. I have NEVER actively sought out shoes for fit rather than appearance before (err…I was never very sporty so it hadn’t really been an issue), then I found myself paying an enormous amount of money for SERIOUSLY UGLY running footwear (seriously, they’re bright green, hideous. I have said seriously too many times but you can see what I’m getting at haha) so then I was like ‘well bloody hell if these don’t make me go faster I don’t know what will’. And my knees and ankles have thanked me. I wonder if the barefoot type rpovide equivalent cushioning for jarring? That’s always been my issue with running/sport in the past, but I love the idea of having the flexibilty/manouverability of bare feet in shoes. Though I don’t think I could do running-landing-on-toes-only…perhaps one adapts.

    I think I’d be pretty chuffed to do 10km – the most I’ve done at one time so far is about 6.5, and running friends tell me 10 is really no harder but it seems like a big leap. Also, Idon’t really know how to track my runs as they’re often higgledy-piggledy. Are you using the GPS in your phone? I don’t run with music any more (also if I take my phone running I would literally have my phone on me ALL DAY which I am trying to avoid) so am thinking about investing in a GPS watch or something…

    PS. I am completely crap and haven’t replied to your email yet, but please know it is absolutely on my mind.xx

    1. Hey Claire! This area is dead gorgeous – especially where we’ve moved to. I posted a picture of our night view from the apartment in a recent post, and it really just gets better as I climb. I shall take pictures and share next time I have something to say about running!

      And yeah, me too – buying those shoes was a big step! I’d been using my hiking shoes, haha! They were quite heavy, but I did it anyways. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “jarring”, but as far as I’ve understood, landing on the midfoot relies much more on the natural spring/bounce of the knees, without the impact of landing on your heels. I’ve honestly not given too much thought too it – I was just convinced at a theoretical level that forefoot running makes sense, and then I just did it. One thing I think is quite different is the stance – slightly leaned forward, and the strides are much much shorter and quicker. The problem with going at this alone though, is that I have no idea if my form is poor – I keep wondering while I’m running if I’m “doing it right”, haha! I guess as long as I’m going forwards, it’s better than nothing.

      I really can’t emphasize how much I’m digging my shoes – I love how I’m able to feel the ground, and my foot muscles, when I’m walking and climbing and running. We’re taking our summer vacation in a week, and going to see John’s family in the USA, and yes am I buying more New Balance Minimus shoes! Really excited!

      I’ve had people tell me that too, that once you get up there in the k’s, it’s just a matter of keep going. I just finished the book “Born to Run”, which makes a pretty convincing case for man being made (physically) for long distance endurance running, and I try to keep that in mind and not worry about being fast, just being able to keep going. I’m nowhere near 6.5 k (wow!), but I haven’t quit, so I think I’ll get there eventually!

      I do use my phone to track my runs, “Cardiotracker” or something, and then turn the GPS on. I’m not sure I’m finding the GPS all that necessary, though it does make the distance more accurate, the route, and the height difference. I find that I care most about how far I went, and what my pace was, and the app tracks that with or without the GPS. I do run with music though – since I’m doing this program with interval running, I’m using the songs as cues for when to start running, and when to walk. To me they are familiar and takes my mind off if I’m tired or not – I just have to keep going until the song is over, period!

      P.S. You’re not crap, and no worries – it’ll just be there!

  2. Omg gah so sorry about your break-in but heck yes 4 running! I’m just starting up after a LONG absence (hurt my hip last summer and took a year to heal on it’s own…no health insurance for a dr. visit). I’m interested in your barefoot shoe experience, I keep wanting to try them. I’ve been wandering around barefoot since I can remember and have no problem running that way (bad idea in the city I think) though for some reason buying barefoot shoes terrifies me. Planning on getting fitted at a running store soon to see what they think. My sister is trying to get me to sign up for a half marathon with her…we’ll see how that goes. It involves me flying to Victoria, BC so hmmm.

    Beware of what I call Smart Phone Syndrom. I open an email, read it and think “oh I have to respond to that on my computer, the reply is too long for phone pecking” then completely forget about it. GAHHHHH!!!! Ha!

    1. Haha, I’ve already done that! It kind of confuses me to get the same thing both on my phone and on the computer. Sometimes I wish it wouldn’t even tell me on the phone, I feel too available! Like, it beeps, and I can hear that, ergo I should go deal with whatever it is instantly. I’ve always been the one my friends get annoyed at because I’ll leave my phone at home or in the other room, but I just don’t like being available all the time!

      Ok, so barefoot shoes. I *love* walking in them. Love, love, love. Like I mentioned, things like walking up hills felt so different, because I had nothing really hindering me, I was using my foot muscles as if I was barefoot, and it felt more effective and balanced, and dimentional. I actually have only put in one pretty low-key run with the shoes, and my feet hurt today. I noticed while running that I was feeling strain in muscles I’m not used to using. I’m not really sure I’m doing it correctly, but I’m not landing on my heels, and as far as I’ve understood, that’s the biggest no-no with barefoot shoes, just because there is no cushioning, so you can really hurt yourself. (I’ve learned most of what I know from Elise – and I just realized I should be calling it forefoot running, not barefoot running. Oh well.)

      So – I love these shoes. Get them – If only to have a pair of real running/walking/hiking-like shoes that doesn’t make you look like a dork (ok, so I’m referring to myself and my old hiking shoes). They are really, really light, and very flexible. And final thought – if you already running barefoot, then this should make sense and probably wouldn’t be wierd. It really is like having a shoe on, but it doesn’t hinder you in any way, which is a new feeling.

      Ooo, let me know if you get a pair!

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