outfit: colors and views

First things first, we’re settling in to our new apartment, and it is *magic*. This is our view at night:

Also, I went for a run the other night, and it was perfect – I was so completely reminded of what made me fall in love with this city, and I’m thrilled to be back in the heart of it. Just thrilled!

On to the outfit! During Me-Made-May I used one necklace in particular a whole lot. I got it from John before we were even dating, so it’s obviously special! It sits a little high on the neck, and I’ve found I don’t like that with a lot of the necklines I tend to wear (like low scoop necks, or deep v necks), but with the addition of an extra chain, it’s just right!

I really love the color of this necklace, and I’ve been loving pairing it with a bit more unexpected colors, like maroon, or grassy green, and today, olive yellow and a dusty lavender (or is it wisteria? I should add browsing wikipedia for colors as one of my favorite pasttimes).

The same color turns up in all sorts of places, like this chair – with a kimono draped on it at the moment (this is a random picture that happened while I was trying to take a picture of myself, but it fit right in today!):

And let us not forget nail polish, which is also now decorating my housekey:

Love that color. On a side note, I’m getting on very nicely with my fancy new phone. So much that I used the silly thing to take all these photos! I’m not really planning on making that the rule, but between not sharing things and sharing things with smartphone pictures, the blurry fake-old stuff wins. And that’s ok.


6 thoughts on “outfit: colors and views”

  1. what a great view you have, hope there isn’t too much unpacking left!

    so, I clicked through the link to your post re running – can I ask are you still wearing the same runners? and how do you find them? i’m starting to look around for a new pair. I do a fair bit of running and now that I’m at the point that I can go for 5-10km without stopping or wanting to die (mostly!) I want to try to improve my technique over the winter months. i’ve got a pair or New Balance trail runners that i’ve been happy with,they’re not the Minimus line but I do like the idea of moving towards less reliance on the thick soles – I sometimes love to take off my shoes so I can feel my feet working as I walk around!!!

    1. I am still wearing the same runners, and I want to preface this advice that I absolutely am not at a point where I can go for 5-10 k (wow, well done!). Despite my novice status, I can say that I am really enjoying these shoes. They feel good in being minimal, and I was maybe most surprised at how much I could feel (and was allowed/encouraged to feel and use) my foot and the muscles there working when I was even just walking around, and also when running. So you might be interested in giving them a shot! I wasn’t able to try them on first (I just ordered them online), but it did work out. I don’t really have much to compare to (I started running in hiking shoes as it was all I had on hand!), but I’m a happy customer!

      Let me know if you get them, and if you like them! Oh, last word – I love the pink details on my shoes. I feel so sharp!

    1. Thank you! It is a treat and a luxury to have this outside my window!

      And the necklace, I adore it. It’s funny – it’s very playful, but as it’s aging it’s getting a vintage-like patina, which is fine with me!

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