knitting with chopsticks


Yes indeed, I *am* knitting with chopsticks! The reason is really simple – the yarn is super bulky, and I’m too cheap and lazy to buy super bulky knitting needles. It’s been raining non stop the last day, so curling up with a blanket and almost endless episodes of Castle feels like a good idea. The hat is the Bulky hat pattern, by the way. I expect this hat to be mighty warm, and it’ll be needed in the dead of the winter in Chicago, where this is headed!


4 thoughts on “knitting with chopsticks”

    1. It’s totally doable – for me the challenge was that the chopsticks taper from thin to thick (unlike real knitting needles that are the same thickness all along the needle). This meant that I was knitting the stitches on the thin end of the chopsticks, but then had to slide them on to the thick end – and that was the tricky part. Especially when starting a new needle and having to knit a stitch that was on the thick end very tightly! Hope that helps!

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