through the window

It is most definitely not summer here in Bergen anymore; howling winds, daily downpours, rainboots everyday, and you break out the *big* umbrella (not the little one that lives in your handbag). Right on schedule!

I just had a picture I wanted to share! John took it earlier in the summer, as I was plugging away at a wedding dress while at work. This is actually what most of my summer looked like (except the part where I’m being photographed sneakily through windows, which is only creepy if it isn’t your boyfriend doing it).

I’ll soon be back with a wardrobe post, as soon as I take the time to photograph the last sweater!

6 thoughts on “through the window”

    1. Haha, um… I’m not quite sure summer ever was here either – and that’s why we went to see John’s family in the US for a week last month! One final chance at summer before the leaves and the winds took us! ;)

    1. Hehe, yes, my “concentration”-face is always super serious! Sometimes I even look pissed off, but I’m just *really* concentrating.

      And to answer your question – I don’t. The past 9 months while working at the bridal place has seen a definite all time low for my at-home sewing, and it makes me quite sad. I’m actually in the process of changing jobs right now, two part time jobs where one is still sewing related, and the other is totally not. And I’m really hoping it allows me more time to do some sewing for myself again!

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