my handmade wardrobe, arrested

Jen over at Grainline studio recently posted the contents of her handmade wardrobe, and I was inspired and encouraged to follow suit! (har har..)

I totally set up a whole photo studio in my apartment, with spot lights and lamps and whatnot, but it was night so I got some funky colors, and I think the images came out looking like perp shots, or like the clothes are being interrogated!

None the less, here are the handmade clothes that are currently in my wardrobe (goodness knows I have a lot of me-made things that just isn’t getting used, or has been used to pieces already):

Sleeveless tops

Beach blouse, Tiny pocket tank

Tiny pocket tank, Svanvik blouse

Layering things. From the top; my own pattern, two tiny pocket tanks from Grainline Studio, and another of my own patterns. The pale blue blouse is from my graduating collection, and I’m happy it fits me so I can have it in my wardrobe! I have to admit, I haven’t actually used it yet, but next time a fancy artsy dinner or gallery opening rolls around, I’m ready.

Other stuff

Jersey top, mustard shorts

Aptly named since I only have one each of long-sleeved tops and shorts/pants! The corduroy shorts are still going strong, though a little rumply from all the wear. The jersey top is a sample I got to make for myself while interning for Elmidae in Chicago.


Mini skirt, Valentine’s day skirt

Minde skirt, another Marie skirt

Wool skirt, Pencil skirt

Clearly skirts is what I make the most of! Including the miniskirt feels a little like cheating since it was a simple refashion, but man, I’ve used that skirt so much I think it’s allowed in. The drapey wool skirt in the middle is from my graduating collection, and the double layer skirt at the bottom is another Elmidae sample I got to make. The black linen pencil skirt is one of the first things I blogged about here, so it’s funny that it still has a place in my wardrobe!


Ironwood dress, Grandma-dress

I really like making and wearing dresses, so I’m a little surprised I don’t have more of them actively in my wardrobe! The Ironwood dress is my own pattern, and the floral-patterned dress is a refashion from my grandmother’s old dress.


Bayview Street Cardigan, Geithus lace knit top

Seamless hybrid sweater

I feel like I’m pretty much knitting all the time, but I guess a lot has been smaller things like hats and scarves, or gifts, but these three self-knitted garments are getting plenty of use. Like I mentioned just a couple of weeks ago, I’m casting on for another one of both the Bayview Street Cardigan, and the Geithus lace knit top, which is my own pattern.

I totally forgot to take a picture of the charcoal wool sweater since I made it for John and not myself, but I tend to borrow it from time to time anyways! So instead of a evidence-like photo of the sweater, you get one of my handsome boyfriend wearing it instead. Deal?

The verdict

I have made way more than is actually in my current wardrobe. I use the Hitterdal coat every once in a while, but it’s not really a regular staple. And then there are things that I made that I’ve worn to death, or that don’t fit anymore, or that I simply don’t like anymore.

There is also a pile of half-finished and alteration-ready projects that I’ve mentally already added to my wardrobe, but that aren’t there yet! I have a Minoru jacket in pieces somewhere, a Beignet skirt just waiting for 12 bound buttonholes (oh yeah, that’ll only take a few hours!), and a myriad of smaller refashions. On a personal note, I actually have changed jobs and am done working in the bridal shop. Now I’ll be doing sewing related things just half of my work-week, so I’m really hoping that means more time and energy for sewing for myself!


10 thoughts on “my handmade wardrobe, arrested”

  1. Congrats on the new job, can’t wait to hear more! I’ve been giving my me-made wardrobe a once-over too and there are definitely things that no long make the grade, but I find it hard to just get rid of them.

    1. Thank you! I think it’ll be very exciting! Oh, I know… how can we get rid of garments where we’ve chosen the fabric, cut, sewed, and put effort into making them? It is definitely much much harder to get rid of handmade things than storebought things!

    1. Thank you Kristen! P.S. I checked out your portfolio website last night, it’s new! It looks wonderful, and there were some fantastic sweaters there too I’ve never seen before! A whole lot of yummyness – congrats!

  2. You’ve got a really consistent palette of colours! Rust brown, mustard yellow, grey and cream. Is that on purpose, or just a happy accident of buying colours you love?

    1. Haha, you’re so right! I think it’s mostly a happy accident – I totally go for the same colors over and over. In fact I’m getting to the point where I try to challenge myself to get some patterns in my wardrobe too, to liven it up! But yes, I have certain colors I make a beeline for, and then maybe more tellingly, I have a pool of colors I’m not really ever drawn to. I guess that maintains some consistency as well.

  3. Birgitte, I think you are so awesome! I am amazed by the amount of clothing you have made for yourself…You have great taste. I strive to one day make tons of clothes for myself! Until then. . .

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