outfit: british-ness

At least, in my head I was rocking some sort of British hunting vibe, with deers and fowl on my dress, a hunting green cardigan, and leather oxford shoes.

Looking at the outfit now, I mostly just see cute and comfortable, but that’s alright! My favorite part is how the skinny cobalt-colored belt (that really belongs to a striped dress I used a lot during Me-made-May this year) picks up some colors from the print of the dress, and keeps the pinkish tan, leather brown, and field drab (I love color names!) from getting too… drab. You’ll have to trust me when I say it was more of a contrast in real life!

The dress is the same one I declared my favorite some months ago, and it’s still a favorite for all the same reasons. Plus, John and I went to the local coffee roastery‘s open Saturday, and a lady asked me where I’d gotten my pretty dress! I’m a sucker for compliments. Also, following my own link there, apparently I really like wearing this particular dress to the coffee roastery, how funny!

And then I hide by people’s houses, just because they are cute and wooden with benches and trees and stone walls. Love my neighbourhood!


6 thoughts on “outfit: british-ness”

    1. Ooo thanks, and you would know, being over in Brit-land! (ehm… did this post also hint at my constant desire to go british? I long for the next chance to go visit over there!)

    1. Yes, I think that would be a great thing to do! I mean, the shopping tip still stands, doesn’t it – “if you find something that fits and you like, buy several”? This would be the sewing version of that!

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