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Blogging doesn’t always take the top priority in my life – in fact, it’s one of the first things to go when my days are busy, overwhelming, incredibly rainy, or when I simply don’t feel like I have anything to share (and I’m happy with that priority). At the same time, I think I’ve made the threshold for what I share here higher than it needs to be. Often I feel like the only things I *should* be sharing are completed, successful projects, and the past nine months have seen very very few completed projects, so what to do?

I’d like to take a leaf out of Elise’s book blog and do a weekly “around here” style post. I’ll probably mostly use my phone camera (to make it easy), and share little snippets of what I’ve got going on. And this week, that has been this:






I celebrated my birthday with a three-day-weekend, going to an art exhibition opening, being treated to a wonderful night out to my favorite restaurant, macaroons,  and adorable wine-cellars I never knew existed, and then a lazy Sunday with dinner at a friend’s house. I also got lovely gifts – sewing patterns, egg-warmers (hello Sunday morning breakfasts), bottles of wine, and a textbook from the 60s on household cooking. My mom has the same book at home, and I’ve always loved paging through and seeing the absolute wealth of information there – putting up, canning, bread-baking, and jam-making, to mention a few things. It’s crazy to me that this was a textbook for 15-year olds, and yet as adults now we know how to do just a portion of all this.

I’ve also had an unexpected week off, since I’m between jobs. It’s been lovely to finally catch up on a lot of things, not the least doing the dishes! I’ve enjoyed having clean counters every morning, so I’m hoping I’ll keep it up.

My sewing corner in this new, tinier, apartment is behind two bookshelves, and it’s a little dreary back there at the moment. We have to get a proper light up, but in the meanwhile I’ve started covering the particle-boards with patterned papers and magazine-clippings. I’ve also decided that the yarn I bought to make my Geithus lace knit top sample is all wrong. New, right yarn has been ordered, and a new pattern has been found for the beautiful green yarn. Not surprising, it’s a cardigan. I love cardigans!

I also love that out aloe offsprings are growing and doing well on our kitchen window sill, and that the view over the city is so lovely.

8 thoughts on “around here”

  1. Your finished projects are great, but it’s nice to see behind the scenes occasionally. :)

    We live in many corners of the world (there are more than four corners, aren’t there?) and having a glimpse of other lifestyles and ideas helps us grow and expand our horizons.

    Looking forward to hearing about your new job!

    1. Thank you Taja, you’re totally right – it’s lovely to see, and be reminded of, the multitude of ways a life can be lived. I’ll be sharing more soon about the new job – this week we’re mostly setting up the space and getting supplies together, which is still interesting and exciting in its own way!

  2. It’s your blog, post about what you like – Its easy to make yourself feel guilty about not posting, but lets face it, we all have ‘real life’ to deal with and you have to proritise somewhere.
    On another note, I am so jealous of your bernina, she’s beautiful

    1. Thank you, that’s very sweet of you! (yes, we really do have ‘real lives’!) And my bernina.. I love it! I bought it used something like seven years ago, I brought it to Chicago for three years, and then back again to Norway last fall – still going strong!

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