my uniform

Studying in Chicago, I had a uniform of sorts. Most days I would wear some variation of skirt + top + cardigan + belt. It made dressing easy, having a sort of formula to vary on, and in the winter especially it was good for layering tights and fleeces and anything else I could pile on. I grew up in Norway, which isn’t exactly known for being a warm place, but I’m telling you… Chicago winters are about the most brutal I’ve experienced.

Ok, digressing. This past year I’ve noticed a shift in my uniform, to dresses + cardigans + sometimes belts. It’s really quite insignificant, besides the subtle shift to one less piece of clothing to take into the equation, and minimizing the chance that the belt doesn’t sit at the waist of the skirt. My current uniform it is, none the less.

There is one detail about this outfit I want to point out, which is the lack of a belt. I don’t remember where I first saw it (I’m quite sure the clever ladies of acidemichic do this too), but using the wrap belt that is attached to this jersey dress to belt the cardigan as well, is a trick I’ve used for years. You bring the belt to the front of the dress (if it isn’t there already), cross and wrap it around the cardigan, and tie it either in front or in back. Instant color-cordinated belt!

Anyone else have a uniform of sorts?

6 thoughts on “my uniform”

    1. Takk! Ja, det gjør ting veldig lett når man ikke vil tenke! Men det gjør i grunn alle “antrekk” man allerede har testkjørt… Har ikke du en “uniform” tror du?

  1. Your uniform is much classier than mine!

    I wear slacks, top and jacket throughout the year, as I work in an office and can’t control the temperature. I also live in the low desert and need to be able to move from 110+F degrees outside to 75F degrees or so inside during the summer. It can be just as challenging as trying to stay warm in the winter in colder climates!

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