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I skipped a week of these “around here” posts – which is in large part bacause I’ve been out with several colds in a row (ugh!), and days have been filled with a lot of resting, and not much else.

Moving on, this week, I’ve been enjoying spoils from our trip to Italy. We brought several pommegranates back (who knew no-one at the airport would bat an eye at pommegranates?!), as well as fig jam from a neighbourhood farm. Yummy weekend breakfasts! I’ve also in earnest started my second new job, which is a sewing/tailoring/alterations gig (at least for now – this has the potential to lead to some very exciting things!), so lots of suit jackets for me this week. It’s located in a building built in 1930, and it has a lot of art deco-style details, which is a lovely thing to see every time I work there.

Suddenly it’s winter, but being on the fairly mild west coast, it mostly means rain. Sometimes freezing rain, sometimes windy rain, and later in the winter I suspect, a couple of days of real snow. In the meanwhile we try to take advantage of the clear days, maybe go for a short bike ride and take a picture of the city at dusk (which is at 4.30 pm now, yikes!), and then make a fire to sit by and mend mittens and knit. My current choices include stockinette in green, simple lace in blue, and more complicated lace in green and blue.

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  1. Lovely atmospheric photos! :)

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