February Fitted Pullover for the win, I think?

I wanted to show you the dress I’ve been working on these past weeks, but it’s not done. And, being winter and all of a sudden busy at  my two not-so-new jobs, I really only have Sundays available to take pictures in actual daylight. I plan to have a pretty, summery, and finished (!) dress to photograph and show you next Sunday, but for now, we can take a look at my brand newly finished February Fitted Pullover:

I started this sweater over two years ago (according to my ravelry notes), and the road has been a little less than smooth. While I wouldn’t call this a beginner pattern, it’s not entirely the patterns fault that I’ve had hiccups. I should have printed out the pattern and circled all the numbers that went along with my size, but I didn’t, so I’ve been swapping between, which of course didn’t always work out so well! I’ve also taken alot of breaks (ehem… two years to knit a sweater?), and completely forgotten what in the world I was doing in between. No matter, it is done now!

If you look at this from the right angle, I swear there is a bit of a herringbone pattern going on, which makes me wonder how I can play that up in what I pair this sweater with. In fact… I wonder what in the world to pair with this sweater, period! I’m thinking jeans might be too close in color, and the kind of see-through-ness of the lace pattern could limit underlayers. Let’s all play a game and brainstorm what to do with this sweater, shall we? I’ve noticed a lot of people on ravelry wear theirs with button-down shirts, but that’s not really floating my boat. I’m planning to try it with my grandma-dress (I think the colors will look nice together!), but then what? Help a girl out!


10 thoughts on “February Fitted Pullover for the win, I think?”

    1. I think my approach to this is a test-period of sorts. If I can’t make something I’ve made myself work with my wardrobe within, say, a year or two, then I start thinking about letting it go. This works better with knits I think, where the process is what I enjoy most, rather than sewing, where I enjoy the process, but really – the point is the finished garment at the end. Ah, the dilemma!

    1. It’s a very nice looking sweater, and I’ve enjoyed having a sweater going, alongside other projects. The gull lace pattern looks impressive, but it really only is two fairly simple row repeats! And sweaters must be good for stashbusting… I impulse-buy fabric and yarn in the same way, which is “ooo, that’s pretty, I want that, I don’t know what I’m using it for, so I should only get one skein/one yard”. Which is crazy, because then I can never make anything bigger than a tanktop or a pair of mittens out of said fancypants mini-stash. Oh well!

  1. Jeans come in a variety of colours these days! But even if you go with the classic blue denim colour, maybe a belt could break it up. A thin one over the pullover around your waist or maybe a chunkier one threaded through your jean belt loops. Let us know what you come up with.

  2. Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I love the way it’s turned out and my immediate reaction would be jeans, but there’s the colour issue you pointed out. So failing that I’m wondering whether you could pair it with a straight skirt (like the Grainline moss mini) and some tights and boots? I’d go with just a plain singlet or long sleeve top underneath (if you have one with a low enough neckline to hide below the sweater’s neckline). Good luck, I hope you find something to wear with it because it looks fab!

    1. Ooo, a shorter skirt is a lovely idea! I’ve been wondering about the proportions of knee length skirts, but a shorter one I think would let the sweater take first place. Thanks for the suggestion!

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