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It’s been an uneventful couple of weeks here. And by uneventful, I mean the kind where you put your head down, work hard, stay warm, and consider the day a roaring success if the dishes got done. Winter is here alright.

Random tidbits from the past weeks include; coffe roastery Saturday with divine cheese cake and live music; the purchase of a gorgeous old Singer (that’s a hand-crank model.. can’t wait to play with this beauty); hikes that tooks us past mountain waters; poppies in lamplight (poppies in November? Huh.); the first snow of the season setteling in like a quiet blanket; and Christmas lights.


2 thoughts on “around here”

    1. Thank you! I’ve only got as far as testing it, and adjusting the tension, but it seemed to run very smoothly. How fun would it be to make an entire garment on just that machine? I do have to figure how to make it go backwards… haha!

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