outfit: February fitted pullover, winter wonderland style

Thanks for the suggestions I got for how to wear my newly finished February fitted pullover that I shared recently (and here is the ravelry link to the project)! I have a short list of ways to try wearing it (feel free to offer more suggestions if you can think of any!). I did wear it last weekend the way I mentioned in that post – with my grandma-dress.


It’s a little funny; in my mind, the blues of the sweater and the dress would match perfectly, but in certain indoor lights they were purpely blue and green blue, respectively. It looked fine though, so the lack of perfect colormatching doesn’t bother me too much. And I can tell you this much – that sweater is quite warm! It certainly kept me toasty even with just the strapless dress underneath. Score one for the sweater. I paired it with a belt to break the blue expanse up a bit (and match my boots of course).


The pictures are on the artistic (wacky?) side – taken at dusk one day with the only camera lens available that day (it’s actually broken, but works as a sort of handheld tilt-lens). I find it funny how the city behind me in this last picture kind of looks like a little model!



8 thoughts on “outfit: February fitted pullover, winter wonderland style”

  1. So pretty, both the outfit and the background. (Living in Florida in the US, I miss the snow.) Trying to relearn to knit and improve my skills. Your knitting is amazing! Hope to be making actual wearable items one day.

    1. Thank you Andrea! I think you’ll find you’re soon sucked back into the knitting world! Have you perused ravelry? That was a completely new thing for me when I got back into knitting after a break of several years. You’ll get to the wearable items, I’m sure of it!

  2. Your pullover is beautiful, I love this dark blue colour:)I would have wear it with a belt too.Looking at snow around you, I hope the shooting didn’t last too long and that you didn’t get a cold;)

    1. Thank you! I’m quite drawn to this color too… it’s really funny to see my yarn-stash really being a variation on a few core colors, and this darker, slightly broken blue is definitely one of them! Actually, I was quite warm from hiking up the steep hill leading to our building, so I told John to please hurry and take pictures outside while I was still warm, haha! And then I cooled down and we decided that was enough and whatever pictures came out would have to do. :)

    1. Thank you! The man behind the camera is pretty talented, so I’m lucky in that way. And the winter wonderland which is still around after an oddly long (for this town) cold spell! The only slightly challenging part was trying to pick out the pictures that actually showed something of the outfit, instead of being all atmosphere! ;)

  3. Looking at your pictures with snow makes me wanna take an airplane and fly to a place with lots of snow! What if you tried to wear this pullover with a pair of cropped trousers + boots? A contrasting color pencil skirt could create a nice look too. I’d also accessorize it with a brooch or a necklace. Lovely, lovely pullover!

    1. Yeah, the snow is quite pretty… but of course, the trade-off is the temperatures dropping way below freezing! Thanks for the suggestions, I think a pencil-shaped skirt is what I’ll try next!

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