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More winter in these parts – in the past few weeks my view in the morning, stepping out of my apartment, has been a stark moon over a sparkling, snowy city. It’s been cold, but look how crisp!

I’ve done a lot of sewing lately, finally finishing the gathered sundress, after making a pink mess in my little sewing corner. That’s what my sewing corner looks like in the middle of a project. Also, sewing on the job, lots of suits and chalk and pins.

I have also had a total love affair with pak choy – that’s sautéing it in butter with dill and black sesame seeds in that picture. I love how it wilts down to tender greens, except the white part that stays crisper and so fresh-tasting. Yep, that’s my plug for pak choy. Go buy it, haha! Earlier this week I had a lovely evening of adventing with good friends, filled with decorating pepperkaker (gingerbread cookies), drinking gløgg, and eating clementines and christmas cookies. The gingerbread hearts I decorated is already on my tree, making that corner of the apartment smell all christmas-y! And finally, the city marked the start of the advent with lighting the tree, a concert, and a fireworks show. We have front row seats from our apartment for stuff like that, and it’s one of the many many reasons I love living right here.


12 thoughts on “around here”

    1. Mmm… the view from our apartment, overlooking all of Bergen. We have such a great view. I always find it interesting on blogs to see if the pictures can clue me in to where the blogger is from – do the apartments look different? The shrubbery outside? The light?

      It’s such a funny thing to wonder if someone is from Chicago – the clue there is usually their back porch, they seem to be so consistent! (bricks and wooden decks, at least that’s my tip-off). And what a small world to have both Norway and Chicago in common, haha!

      1. Yep, when a saw a photo of you on a porch with wooden staircases and brick walls behind you….I was pretty confident it was Chicago….before I read the text. It looked just like the back area behind my old apt, and so many in Chicago. Like when I saw your photo on the el tracks and I have a guess of a couple stops that I think it could be at. It’s funny how things can be s specific, even without an actual confirming detail.

        Also….I work in theatre too. Small world indeed….

      2. Haha! Those porches and the brick is a dead give-away!

        P.S. It’s the Argyle red-line stop. I walked into a cloud of garlic and fried duck-skin every single day to get to the station, being “little Vietnam” and what-not. And that would be so much better if I weren’t a vegetarian who doesn’t really enjoy fried-duck smells. Oh well, happy memories now at least!

  1. So, I totally stumbled on your blog because I was googling how to make underwear and your posts on that were really helpful. Plus what you made was really cute. So I made two pair today. I didn’t use your pattern because I couldn’t find it on a link, so I made my own with (a lot of) trial and error. They ended up being boy shorts. Anyhow, I just decided to click on your current posts to glance at your blog, and this post made me stop and think….I wonder where she lives; it looks like Norway. So I found your “about” section and learned that you DO live in Norway! Fun! I lived in Norway for 3 years, so I will have to check out your blog in more depth. :) Tusen takk for the undies posts! :)

    1. Oh how fun! I’m glad you found the posts on underwear helpful! I’m sorry the actual pattern wasn’t easier to find… I’m in the middle of moving over to a self-hosted blog, I’ll make sure it’s easily accessible there!

      And yes, I do indeed live in Norway – how fun that you’ve lived here too! Where abouts? We moved back here a year and a half ago after three years in Chicago, so it’s interesting to read your posts on moving and family roots. I can definitely relate!

      Oh, and bare hyggelig – velkommen tilbake! ;)

  2. Sounds like you are having a good festive seasons so far! I’m kind of missing the snow here right now – it’s unseasonably warm, and it’s about 3 degrees every day… I want a white christmas!

    1. Yeah, white Christmas sets the right tone! All of the snow actually rained away and melted yesterday, and it’s been sort of unusual that it was here in the first place. We’re spending Christmas at my parents place, and that’s garantueed to be both super-cold and snowy!

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