our low-key christmas tree

So low-key I only have cell-phone pictures!

wpid-20121214230449926The first night of decorating we put up gingerbread hearts and ornaments we already had on hand.

I really loved Solveig’s recent advent calendar, which includes both an activity, as well as hanging one ornament on the christmas tree every day. So when we picked ourselves up a small tree a couple of weeks ago, that was my plan (already a late start being a good week and a half into the advent period, oh well!). We don’t have a tree-stand, but John fashioned a makeshift one out of a bucket and an upside down metal lamp shade. I tell you, he’s pretty crafty this man of mine.

Anyways, that went pretty well with my desire for really low-key christmas tree decorating. I wanted to do something like Solveig with a couple of decorations a day, but it sort of fell apart after a week. No worries! We still put stuff on the tree, and I’m happy with how non-stressful it still was. Gingerbread-decorating with the girls provided the hearts; John and I did some papercutting one night; I found ribbons in a box looking for something completely different, so those went up too; a dried flower; some ornaments we already had; and of course the popcorn-chain we made while watching Lewis the night before leaving. All in all it’s a charming, funny little tree! No lights though. Maybe we’ll get some tree-lights when we decide to be grown-ups and get a proper tree-stand as well. I couldn’t tell you when that’ll be.

IMG_0130All done!

I’m sorry there are no detailed pictures, we snapped this one right before leaving to get on the train. Note the printer and the easter egg to the left, and the gifts in a bag and traditional knit sweater to the right! This is real-life christmas straight from our apartment. And on that note, I’d like to wish all of you a peaceful and lovely holiday, and I’ll see you all in the new year!

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