hello 2013

I went back over my archives for 2012 to round up my finished projects for the year, and I was sort of gobsmacked to not find more than I did. Did I really just sew four things all year? (well, disregarding all the wedding dresses and suits I’ve worked on for my day-job…)

IMG_0586   mmm15EDtiny_tank2   gathered_sundress2

Looking back, 2012 has been one of those periods where knitting things and sewing my own clothes couldn’t be a priority, and that’s ok. I tried tough! Especially at the beginning of the year I started a bunch of projects that were abandoned for one reason or another (stalled on the shape of a pocket; a waistband that puckered; couldn’t finish 12 bound buttonholes in time for a SewWeekly challenge – which, by the way, I totally deluded myself by attempting to participate). Stuff came up in the middle of making these things, and I just left them. So for 2013, not surprisingly, these half-finished sort-of-forgotten projects will be dragged to the forefront to be dealt with. I’m allowing myself to “deal” with them in any which way I feel like, which will probably mean finishing them, but could also be seam-ripping, donating, or burning them in the woodstove if that’s what it takes. But they have to get out of my waiting-pile!

It won’t be all I’ll be working on – like Roo recently wrote about, I’m also feeling the workwear conundrum. I touched upon it briefly after Me-Made-May, that the portions of my wardrobe that feels work-appropriate is quite small. I have a lot of pieces that are casual, lovingly worn, a little baggy, faded around the edges, and therefore just not sharp enough for work. I’ve started (in a small way) to invest in some better pieces – leather shoes, blazers… wait, that’s how far I’ve gotten. Leather shoes and a blazer. I’m am on a budget afterall! Some of the things that have been on my sewing list for ages  (ahem… over a year?) will be very useful in order to feel more polished and put together at work – a Liberty of London boatneck dress, a magenta pencil-skirt, a pinstriped blazer, and some blouses. I work in a design-concious field, and while I’m comfortable with, and know how I want to dress, what I’m wearing nowadays is just not in good enough shape. Therefore, enter sewing. I have quite high hopes and big plans for 2013 in other words!

Let’s not forget knitting though! I had quite a few big projects going at once earlier this fall, with a cabled hat with tiny thread, three sweaters, and a lace top on my needles. Those projects aren’t all done, but I did complete these things in the past year (with some pictures from ravelry for ease):

2012knits-hatsI think it’s really funny how these hats came in next to eachother on my ravelry page. We’re two peas in a pod, obviously.

2012knits-otherMittens I never blogged about since I finished them in the car en route to the recipents house (I know… bad knitter.), and the cowl I use all the time.


I’ve finished a couple of hats, a cowl, and a sweater this year, with one big knitting goal for the next (well, besides finishing the two sweaters, one cardigan,  and the lace top I’ve started) – mittens! I was dumbfounded to realize, especially as a knitter, that I had no good mittens to wear when it got chilly! Not good enough. Nobody should have freezing hands in the colder months, and knitters should be able to provide that for themselves. If I start with some stranded colorwork mittens now, I’ll probably have them ready by spring, haha! But then I’ll be all set for the next winter, so that’s ok.

Also 2013, I’m going to floss every day. Just letting you know.


10 thoughts on “hello 2013”

  1. No, not bored at all; you did a great job of making it look like there was more :-) Sorry to hear you’re not well and hoping that the illness was the kind of illness that you can still knit, and not that really ghastly kind of illness when even knitting is too much. That’s the worst!

    I got the mitten booklets from a bookshop in Tallinn when we were travelling through there a couple of years ago and they’re by Aino Praakli. They’re all called Kirikindaid Virumaalt and contain patterned mittens from various areas of Viru County (Fortunately there’s a brief blurb in English on the back, because the rest of it is in Estonian and my Estonian language skills aren’t too hot :-)) I also bought a book on Estonian socks by the same author and even though I don’t knit socks (yet), I like looking at the pictures!

    Now go get that floss! ;-)

    1. Thank you for well wishes – it was the sort of illness where pretty much everything was too much, but thankfully I’m much better now (and it was just a seasonal thing – throat infection, etc). As miserable as I felt, I kept thinking of those with chronic illnesses who deal with significant and severe pain every single day, and that makes me very grateful for how healthy and able I am nearly every other day of the year. Ok, that was a bit of a soapbox-speech!

      Thanks for the titles, I’m going to keep my eyes open for those! Tallinn has been a place I’ve been wanting to go back to after visiting with my family 10 years ago – this time I think I’ll take John along! I loved the old town, and the markets with handmade wood and wool goods, and… it was a pretty cool place!

      P.S. I forgot to buy floss. I remembered post-its, so now I can better plan my blog-posts! Ah… I’ll just have to try again with the floss, haha!

  2. I’m really surprised to see that you only sewed four things last year – I swear there seemed like more than that! Quality, not quantity! :)

    I’m so envious of your need for mittens, I love colourwork mitts and have a few great Estonian chart booklets. I also love the chevron pattern of Jared Flood’s Strago mittens. Alas, it is far too warm in Adelaide to justify knitting any :-(

    And good luck with the flossing! (I always forget…)

    1. Haha! I’m thrilled that you say that – I too was going through the posts being like “where did all my other stuff go hide?”. I’m so glad I haven’t bored your guys to death with the lack of finished objects. I’m pretty pumped for this new year though and all the promise of newness! I only have to shake this illness off that’s been plauging me for a couple of weeks (hello lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Not productive).

      Ooo…. Estonian! I love Estonian mittens! I have had a few pairs that we bought in Estonia one summer, and they were the best. I think I like those patterns better than traditional Norwegian ones, they feel a little more organic and a little less geometric. I’ve had the hardest time finding books or booklets on them… do you have the names of a few maybe? (Oh, and my mitten season is really long – September to April or so. If there is any sort of chill in the air I drag them out, it makes me so happy!)

      And the flossing… Well, because of said illness I haven’t even bought floss. But I’m well enough to actually leave the house today, so another attempt! ;)

  3. I really love that sundress you posted about last month.
    It makes me want to move past altering thrift store dresses and actually make something of my own.
    You are very talented!

    1. Oh goodness, thank you Lauren! I’m so glad you liked my sundress! It’s actually cheering me up, just sitting on the hanger – so that’s good, haha! Also, and I really do mean this, sewing from skratch is easier than altering. Sure, it may take more time and more steps, but when you cut and sew and all the pieces line up correctly (and that right there is an assumption on the pattern, but most – and especially indie – patterns are good about that), it can be a breeze to sew up. The fitting can throw a wrench in there, but it’s doable. Plus, from your knitting and altering stuff you’re familiar with how things should fit anyways. You can do it Lauren, I’m sure of it! (And of course, I’d be more than happy to help out if you had any questions!)

      P.S. Those rope and arial-thingies are wicked cool, nice going!

  4. My sewing productivity really nose-dived in fall and winter this year. And I have a similar problem with work-wear too because I just started a new job that has me working 6 days a week and I don’t have enough clothes to cover it! I definitely need a couple more pencil skirts and work-appropriate trousers.

    1. Hmm, it sounds like I’m not the only one with periods of almost no sewing! Wow, best of luck with your new job, haha, and all the clothes needed! I find it strange to notice how different workplaces has different comfort-levels of what feels appropriate. I’ve worked three different places this past year, and they’ve each ended up having a definite dress code – if only my own percieved one.

  5. It must be something in the wind! So many of us seem to have hit a place in our lives where we need to sharpen up a bit. Good luck with your plans! I am definitely with you on the magenta pencil skirt!

    1. Oh I think it must be! I was so thrilled to read your post on workwear, it hit a spot! Looking around my sewing space, I see so much fabric and half-finished garments – I have plenty to dig into!

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