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These past few weeks I’ve:
– made the 14-hour train trek back home, and then the 14 hours back. Done so happily to celebrated the season with family and friends, good food, and a whole lot of wine (yum. It’s also how I survive the winter.)
– been frustrated with the short days and the stupidly dark and blurry pictures that come of it. Not to mention the effect on my energy levels. But now, thankful that the days are getting longer!
– had a love-affair with kale, and the old trains bringing back childhood memories with their worn mirrors and old-school bathrooms. Those who’ve been on those trains will know what I mean.
– gotten cozy with magazines and new socks at the ER for hours of waiting to be seen for a ill-timed throat infection.
– gone to work dressed as a circus princess. Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s gotten dressed by putting on favorite individual objects (oo, yes I feel like pink tights today, oh and I like this belt, and I do like this dress, etc, etc.) only to find yourself surprised at what you’ve put on *together* when confronted with a mirror later that day?
– made progress on my Geithus lace knit top. Still the softest yarn in the world, and not as stripy as I was fearing thankfully.


12 thoughts on “around here”

    1. Thanks! John *just* came home from the store with more kale, yey! ;) And I’m not obsessive if I already know the sunrise and sunset hours for the end of february, right? It helps knowing the days will be longer soon!

  1. I love travelling by train, and old trains are completely charming (well, to an extent, I’ve been on some that probably lost their charm about 50 years ago). I’m glad to see that the yarn isn’t too stripy and I’m looking forward to seeing the new Geithus when it’s done (but no pressure, it’s not a race! :-))

    1. I love trains too! I wish I could take the train pretty much everywhere I travel, but sometimes it’s not feasable (hello Atlantic ocean), or condusive (spending multiple days on a train when you’re short on time). It’s fun working on the Geithus, though slow, and I’m so looking forward to being able to offer it for sale and start seeing other peoples versions of it!

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