outfit: February fitted pullover, another dress


Here is another installment of Birgitte-tries-to-find-ways-to-wear-her-February-fitted-pullover, this time with a dress! Wait, this time still with a dress, just like last time. I actually think this is more successful – at least I felt more comfortable in this combination. The strapless dress I wore with the sweater last time is a little bulky, and combined with the slightly bulky February pullover, it was just too much (but quite warm!).


Check out the lovely old wooden houses in the background! We took these pictures while we were at my parents’ house for Christmas, and the area has a lot of traditional buildings left. I love that!

The dress I’m wearing is the same jersey dress from this uniform-post, and like that time I put the attached ties to good use. The holes in the sweater were actually big enough to fit the ties through, so I just brought them around the front, and tucked the ends underneath themselves in the back.

Since we took the last pictures I’ve also been a good knitter and actually blocked the sweater, which grew a little bit in the process. I’m not always good enough with doing swatches, so ideally I should have knit this a smidge smaller, but I smooshed the sweater together instead of stretching it out, and it seems alright. Blocking also smoothed out the kind of abrupt waist-shaping that was a bit more apparent pre-blocking. If I were to knit this again (slash, my advice to others knitting this) I’d probably try to do the waist-shaping more gradually.


And then I ran back to the car, since it was in fact literally freezing.


8 thoughts on “outfit: February fitted pullover, another dress”

  1. I’m really glad you’re finding ways to wear this because it’s lovely, I like the muted blue and it works well with the colour of the dress. The lengths you go to to get pretty pictures for your blog – they really are pretty but yikes it looks cold! Love the backdrop of the little wooden houses next to the forest – cute :-)

    1. Thanks Donna! Oh, it was so lovely to have some real snow for a change… and it made everything brighter! It made me realize I had been missing my hometown kind of winter, I just wasn’t aware of it!

    1. Thanks Gillian! Yeah, I ended up liking the color-combination better too, the previous one might have been too contrasty with all the white?
      Oh, and you should have seen all the pictures that were left out of this post, it was like the most awkward photo-shoot ever! Partly my fault, partly the cold. But thanks!

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