obsessed. Or, another tiny pocket tank

Oh, look at that. I made another tiny pocket tank!


Fabric: Remnant of silk charmeuse left over from this halterneck dress. I bought it on a school trip to China, it is a lovely weight and drape, and I think I have enough left for a pair of knickers. Used on the wrong side for a softer shine.
Pattern: Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank. Yep, round three. For this iteration I actually added the pocket. I thought it was about time.
Techniques: French seams on the side seams, bias binding on all edges, including hem. I could not stand the tought of pressing and hemming this slippery silk, so bias binding made more sense (more control!).

This was a sort of indulgent project for me. In the middle of other projects (costume gig! Minoru jacket!) I just wanted to finish something to wear straight away. (Hmm, I feel like I’ve written this blog post once before. Oh, look! That was in February too!). The tiny pocket tank is such a satisfying project, so with the Kennedy mini-series in the background – you know, the one where Katie Holmes has a hard time deciding what accent to speak – I stitched this up. I did an FBA on the front, but even with some serious curve to the dart-stitching, I think I might have overdone it a bit. There is some less than perfect bunching going on around the dart, since after my FBA it is a rather large (too large!) dart. I’ll keep tweaking, since there are bound to be more of these.

20130226120451888Man this shirt is bright! A little outside my comfort zone.. but I’ll give it a shot. It is such a nice fabric though, and it feels downright luxurious to have the smooth silk side on the inside.

And, now I feel compelled to comment on my pictures. I know I’m far from the only one to have problems taking photos in winter, since the weekends are pretty much the only time with daylight, assuming the weather is decent too. I’d like for all the photos I post here to be beautiful, interesting, fancy-camera-level quality pictures. Hopefully soon that’ll get easier, since I’m looking for a camera of my own, so I’m not dependent on John’s stuff (and the planning that comes with that!). In the meanwhile, with the choice between taking pictures with my cameraphone, in daylight, with sunshine, and to not have pictures at all since they wouldn’t be “good enough”… I went lo-fi. I write this perhaps most for myself, as a gentle reminder to not place an imaginary bar so high that lots of stuff I want to share, ends up unshared due to my vanity and expectations. B, lighten up!


around here








These past few weeks, I have been…
tidying piles, and hanging my patternmaking rulers, just in time for a bout of patternmaking (working on a costume project!)
eating homemade bread with jam and sour cream, and some tea. I know, it’s rich, and if my mother reads this she will scoff and tell me I shouldn’t be eating this for breakfast pretty much every day. It’s one of the things I’m indulging in while John’s on work travel (the other things being chocolate-covered oatmeal cookies and obscene amounts of Gossip Girl. Don’t tell anyone).
bemoaning the lack of light apparent in my grainy pictures. I wait not so patiently for spring, haha!
reading about medieval stuffs. My first degree is in Medieval studies, and it always lingers in the background for me. My dad got me a couple of books on medieval cooking and social history for Christmas, and I’ve been fondling the pages and reading here and there and trying to understand (with surprising success!) the original old english recipes, and day-dreaming away. Also, some studies on medieval clothing for a couple of the costumes I’ll be making. Mmm, such fun!
dressing for work-meetings with my Geithus lace top (yep, still working on the new sample), and a Hound blazer.
flying through an alpaca sweater which is crazy soft and I just want to pet it. After a year-long hiatus I finished both sleeve in about a week, and now I’m just looking at miles of stockinette, and I’m thrilled.
enjoying the signs of a lovely evening of visiting friends.

outfit: February fitted pullover, with a mini

IMG_2578Another instalment of figuring out how to wear my February fitted pullover! This is by far my favorite, with several repeats already (the first and second outfits have both been singular events). There is something about the proportions of this combination that just works for me – the 3/4-length sleeves, the mid-thigh miniskirt. The slight bulk of the sweater is balanced out by the amount of leg, I guess. Either way, this one is a keeper. And the sweater is very cozy and warm. Success!

making a move

I am moving over to a self-hosted blog, over at http://www.indigorchid.com! From now on I’ll only be posting at my new site, so please join me there, and update your bookmarks and feeds to this new adress. I hope you’ll feel at home there too!


Welcome to my new blog-home! I hope the change won’t be too big – some cosmetic changes; some reorganization, and a shiny, sparkly .com to my name! Really, the only change in the url is the absence of “wordpress”, so I hope there won’t be too much trouble in making the switch to this blog from the old one.

That said, please be sure to update your bookmarks and feeds, and pretty please – do tell me if you come across broken links, missing pictures, or wonky looking things. I’ve done my very best to go through everything, but I’m sure to be making tweaks for a little while yet. Most everything is in place, but I’m still doing behind-the-scenes like spacing, widgets, and tidying up.

Poke around, let me know what you think, and I hope you like this new look!

self_des2012-2No post without an image! This is an outtake from my gathered sundress post. I think I look fairly friendly here.

around here






These past few weeks, I have been…

amusing myself with six shades of grey at work.
cooking with red cabbage, so pretty. Sarah B of My New Roots is my new best recipe friend, and I’ve been working my way through a bunch of her recipes, picking up new tricks here and there.
reading my new favorite magazine. It’s pretty much the life I want to live with growing things, mindfulness, creating, cooking, and travelling – but with the impressive trait of being inspiring instead of preachy.
altering shirts. Well, at least one shirt. John has a pile of dress shirts he’s been asking me to take in, and I’ve finally started on that pile. This one went from making him look like a 12-year old to actually fitting. I even moved the shoulder seam up! I expect about a dozen more of these, and the threshold to start much lower than it’s been.