Welcome to my new blog-home! I hope the change won’t be too big – some cosmetic changes; some reorganization, and a shiny, sparkly .com to my name! Really, the only change in the url is the absence of “wordpress”, so I hope there won’t be too much trouble in making the switch to this blog from the old one.

That said, please be sure to update your bookmarks and feeds, and pretty please – do tell me if you come across broken links, missing pictures, or wonky looking things. I’ve done my very best to go through everything, but I’m sure to be making tweaks for a little while yet. Most everything is in place, but I’m still doing behind-the-scenes like spacing, widgets, and tidying up.

Poke around, let me know what you think, and I hope you like this new look!

self_des2012-2No post without an image! This is an outtake from my gathered sundress post. I think I look fairly friendly here.


6 thoughts on “Welcome!”

    1. Hi Ruth! Oh, I’m sorry if I made it difficult, I’m so happy you found me (and bookmarked me)! Thank you, and welcome!

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