around here








These past few weeks, I have been…
tidying piles, and hanging my patternmaking rulers, just in time for a bout of patternmaking (working on a costume project!)
eating homemade bread with jam and sour cream, and some tea. I know, it’s rich, and if my mother reads this she will scoff and tell me I shouldn’t be eating this for breakfast pretty much every day. It’s one of the things I’m indulging in while John’s on work travel (the other things being chocolate-covered oatmeal cookies and obscene amounts of Gossip Girl. Don’t tell anyone).
bemoaning the lack of light apparent in my grainy pictures. I wait not so patiently for spring, haha!
reading about medieval stuffs. My first degree is in Medieval studies, and it always lingers in the background for me. My dad got me a couple of books on medieval cooking and social history for Christmas, and I’ve been fondling the pages and reading here and there and trying to understand (with surprising success!) the original old english recipes, and day-dreaming away. Also, some studies on medieval clothing for a couple of the costumes I’ll be making. Mmm, such fun!
dressing for work-meetings with my Geithus lace top (yep, still working on the new sample), and a Hound blazer.
flying through an alpaca sweater which is crazy soft and I just want to pet it. After a year-long hiatus I finished both sleeve in about a week, and now I’m just looking at miles of stockinette, and I’m thrilled.
enjoying the signs of a lovely evening of visiting friends.


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