obsessed. Or, another tiny pocket tank

Oh, look at that. I made another tiny pocket tank!


Fabric: Remnant of silk charmeuse left over from this halterneck dress. I bought it on a school trip to China, it is a lovely weight and drape, and I think I have enough left for a pair of knickers. Used on the wrong side for a softer shine.
Pattern: Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank. Yep, round three. For this iteration I actually added the pocket. I thought it was about time.
Techniques: French seams on the side seams, bias binding on all edges, including hem. I could not stand the tought of pressing and hemming this slippery silk, so bias binding made more sense (more control!).

This was a sort of indulgent project for me. In the middle of other projects (costume gig! Minoru jacket!) I just wanted to finish something to wear straight away. (Hmm, I feel like I’ve written this blog post once before. Oh, look! That was in February too!). The tiny pocket tank is such a satisfying project, so with the Kennedy mini-series in the background – you know, the one where Katie Holmes has a hard time deciding what accent to speak – I stitched this up. I did an FBA on the front, but even with some serious curve to the dart-stitching, I think I might have overdone it a bit. There is some less than perfect bunching going on around the dart, since after my FBA it is a rather large (too large!) dart. I’ll keep tweaking, since there are bound to be more of these.

20130226120451888Man this shirt is bright! A little outside my comfort zone.. but I’ll give it a shot. It is such a nice fabric though, and it feels downright luxurious to have the smooth silk side on the inside.

And, now I feel compelled to comment on my pictures. I know I’m far from the only one to have problems taking photos in winter, since the weekends are pretty much the only time with daylight, assuming the weather is decent too. I’d like for all the photos I post here to be beautiful, interesting, fancy-camera-level quality pictures. Hopefully soon that’ll get easier, since I’m looking for a camera of my own, so I’m not dependent on John’s stuff (and the planning that comes with that!). In the meanwhile, with the choice between taking pictures with my cameraphone, in daylight, with sunshine, and to not have pictures at all since they wouldn’t be “good enough”… I went lo-fi. I write this perhaps most for myself, as a gentle reminder to not place an imaginary bar so high that lots of stuff I want to share, ends up unshared due to my vanity and expectations. B, lighten up!


8 thoughts on “obsessed. Or, another tiny pocket tank”

  1. tiny pocket tank featuring ACTUAL TINY POCKET!! Shocking! ;) Great pop of colour, especially in this not-quite-winter-not-quite-spring phase.
    I like your point about picture quality hang-ups. I wonder how many interesting blog posts have never been written because the blogger didn’t feel the accompanying picture wasn’t ‘good enough’? I know that I’m guilty of that.

    1. Haha! Yes, it’s the first time I attempted the pocket, and I actually didn’t anticipate it being so fiddly! Ehm… my fabric choice might have had something to do with that. It is cute as heck though – and makes it a little more casual.

      I really despise that I feel that way about the pictures, especially when I think about lots of blogs I follow that don’t have the best pictures, but I really don’t mind. I enjoy the writing and being able to see what they’ve made/worn/eaten/what-not far more than caring about studio-level pictures. Then, at the same time, there are so many of the popular blogs that do this nearly full-time, and have these amazing pictures, and that’s sort of become the norm that I find comparing myself to (and probably many with me too).

  2. Agree that the colour is gorgeous and it’s a good basic top so having plenty of versions is not a bad thing! (I like the look of that dress on your dress form in the background too)

    1. Yes, I can’t see a single bad thing about having a lot of those tanks in my closet! Ooo, as for the dress – it’s actually a vintage dress I’ll be posting about after the weekend, one I’m getting rid of (and by getting rid of, I mean advertising a new home for it). It’s very pretty, just not for me anymore. Well spotted! ;)

  3. Think of it like a colour pop under layers of cardigans and jackets! I don’t think you can have too many of these tanks. I’ve already made 3 tank dresses out of this pattern. I tried tweaking the pattern as well- to fit me better – but I kept overfitting it and it ended up being a waste of time and fabric. Now I just leave it as it – expect for raising the neckline and shortening the hem (because I’m a shorty). Looks great!

    1. I totally agree Carolyn, never too many! And I hear you on overfitting, it’s always a danger. For the next one I’ll be dialling back the fitting a notch, haha! You’re right about using it as a pop of color, and is it bad to plan a vacation around a garment? Because I think this tank needs to go somewhere warm with a beach, haha!

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