around here








These past few weeks, I have been…
soaking up sun… sun that we’ve actually had! Look, sun makes shadows!
eating winter fruits and vegetables; lots of avocado, some fennel, parsley root and parsnip. Mostly avocado though, I can’t get enough!
looking for signs of spring everywhere. You wouldn’t know it by the temperatures we’ve been having, and the snow (!) we woke up to the other day, but I *am* seeing crocuses and snowbells and pussywillow, and the fact that there is daylight both leaving for work and coming home is a dead giveaway. Spring *is* on its way.
sorting out a more pulled-together wardrobe, piece by piece. I have a couple of new-to-me bags, some new jewellery, and plans for pieces to make to fill in the gaps.
making costumes like a champion. Cutting out muslins of old bedsheets, pillow for my knees, and canned tomatoes as patternweights. I’m doing the costumes for a dance collaboration with a chess-game setting, so I’ve been dreaming up kings and queens and rooks and what-not, and it’s quite fun! It’s all black and white of course, but I’m using a range of fabrics to keep it interesting, from linen and bamboo, through boiled wool and cotton gauze, to fake and real leather. It’s really starting to come together now, and that is always the best part of a project. Soon on to finishing touches!
reading a beautiful aussie magazine that John brought me back from his work travels. Every page is a treat, and I’m still not done reading it. Just looking at that cover makes me happy.


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